Magic Mushrooms of the North West & their neighbors

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I had a great time making this video and I hope you all enjoy it!
If you want to see more or have ideas for future videos let me know In the comments!
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looking for an active group to be apart of specifically for Identifying mushrooms?
Head on over to,
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Special Thanks to,
Daniel Feldt for video and photo work,
(@Daniel.Feldt on Insta)
Austin & Garrett Haag for music and audio work,
Paul Corbett for his time and insight,
Most of all, the Mycologists who have studied these peculiar fungi tirelessly to provide knowledge and understanding.
Check out Any work by Alan Rockefeller or Paul Stamets for more in-depth looks at these and many another genus of Fungi.

Thank you!


GraBob Bill says:

Do you know of any equivalent guides for the southeastern US? There seems to be a lot of debate of the presence of magic mushrooms in this part of the country.

Andrea simon says:

I love Oregon
live here and love it
havent picked any mushrooms only cuz I'm not an expert but would love to
I subscribed

billy bong timhortons says:

Hey man, fucking great video you made there man. I'm from the BC coast where we have a wide range of Psilocybe species that you guys have down in Pacific North West of the US , have you ever tried Psilocybe mushroom hunting in BC like around Vancouver and Haida Gwaii or any of the other known Psilocybe producing spots in BC ? From a curious neighbor up north.PEACE.

dominique hollman says:


Elijah Shott says:

absolutely beautiful content, awesome production, I hope to see more from you guys

Smoke and React says:

Really awesome video, and the editing is great, keep up this quality and don’t give up!!

91d6c6aa 26449527bd says:

thx for posting!

D33z 5280NuGZ says:

Great video guys keep it coming!

Slimdog Oso says:

What was your best trip

William Krause says:

fantastic video. Well produced and very informative. Lets go mushroom hunting together and teach me.

Haagaustin says:

This video cured my phobia of mushrooms

Kazï Ripsta says:

I also recommend you do a pt.2 and go to the woods and show various mushroom species during the season

andy shelly says:

great work thank you .

Amy Cozzetto says:

The MOST helpful video out there. Thank you so much!!!

Wandering Spider says:

Awesome vid, my brother :).

Elaine Charbeneau says:

Great job on the video! Lots of great information! Keep doing what you are doing!

An ounce An inch says:

Spam liked this video. Good job fam.

Damon Haynes says:

Any of those grow in Arkansas!?

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