Magic Mushrooms Heal – Shamanic Journey Documented – Personal Transformation Achieved

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Rex Bear and I take a healing voyage to the top of the mesa.
Magic Mushrooms: Studies Show Psilocybin Mushrooms Offer Powerful Spiritual and Psychological Healing Experiences
Psilocybin Mushrooms & the Journey to Transformational Healing

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Leah and I are two humans who no longer support the inhuman, oligarchic empire model destroying our planet and our true nature as human beings. As activists we decided to do something about it, so we opted out of our former lives to begin anew. We are currently transforming pristine alpine wilderness into a self-sustaining homestead and organic farm in preparation for the upcoming collapse. We plan on developing and executing every single step of the process in open source format for the benefit of all humanity. With our backgrounds in academia and the sciences (climatology, geology, physics, biology, chemistry, and more) we hope to uncover the lies perpetrated by the mass media. It will be presented here and on our website in a systematic and thorough process. As you can imagine, this is a multifaceted, lifelong project, and we are so passionately excited to take the next steps towards self sufficiency and our dream! Won’t you join us?

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Bobbylynne Hayes says:

Much Favor for you both! This was pretty cool, would liked to have seen "the rest of the story". (Hearing a lot of radio growing up.) 🙂

Bhaktisamadhi Pappagiorgio says:

he looked like rather ready to jump and fly than stop in the end. lol.
If it makes you calmer I wanna try those too. Let me see the next vid

Oscar Zamora says:

Why do people act braindead and post used toilet paper vids like this?

HiveTyrant36 says:

I've wanted to try Psilocybin for a while. Too bad it's illegal.

International Rescue FEPE says:

Nicely done … Loving the shroom dab's… almost as good as DMT…. do a Dab…. love your play.

Aa Qu says:

Thanx to the camera man.

Amanda Moe says:

Oh Diamond!!! What I would do to be out there with you guys! Looks so fun! Your mohawk is looking so great too! Love it!!!!!


Let's replace all flu shots with caps and stems.

garrisp says:

Nice backpack diamond kinda looks like Marine Corps issue

Loutishia Castle says:

Cannot imagine being at that altitude and taking a magic carpet ride.

Loutishia Castle says:

Just started viewing, you two are in great physical shape walking up that mountain for the first 5 minutes. That's inspirational…

Barbara Brauer says:

ballsy move – glad you did it tho

Vena Lynn says:

Y’all gotta listen to this amazing music …

come an take it. says:

420 likes no one like it dab now.

shar sgoodwin says:

that was cool, l was expecting you fine people to be ripping your clothes off towards the end, happy trippin!

Matt C says:

Soak them in lemon juice for 15 min and take with warm tea. It converts it to psilocin so your body doesn't have to. Let's just say it gets you there much faster.

Amanda B says:

Bahahahaha…. well wasn't that fun lil trip u went on …. rex had some big grammatical words

L. D. says:

I wanted to keep on watching!!!!!!

holly wiley says:

That’s a lot of shrooms.. 3 grams tops is what u should do

Next Gen says:

<3 LOL Had to watch this vid again. Nice. MMM.

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