I Vlogged My Magic Mushroom Trip

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First vlog on this channel! I will be making a follow up video but enjoy my last vlog I posted on Tripleseven. Subscribe cause the next vlog is going to be crazier!


Joseph Bellemare says:

The smaller ones that haven't opened yet are the most potent

Thunder says:

What s the last song they were singing?

TylerTresses says:

Taste like sunflower seed skins

DeathBunny says:

Retard took that shit with milk, milk is a detox method, pathetic really, I'm getting ready for my first trip ever, I live on the sea shore, should I go to the beach is the thing I'm doubtful about tho

Enzo Walker says:

beat at intro is fire. what is it called

Caleb Smith says:

If you pussies can’t eat the shit by itself you shouldn’t eat it “omg put it in tea” omg quit being a little bitch

Aaron Usman says:

12:02, what song is that?

Aaron Usman says:

*11:44 Is that $crim from $uicideboy$?

Aaron Usman says:

8:11 Prolly the best song to trip on…*if you want to be the saddest man in the hood*

danny from vegas says:

Bru u gis are lame. Nothing unique pr original bout u lames,say hello to your parents for me,,,tlkn like that wld get u chin checked on the streets.

joey vlogs says:

taste good inslave the blacks again yeppaaaa

XxCrystalClawsxX says:

I dunno man…this feels a bit disrespectful

Eastside Barajas says:

Rich kids these days

S A says:

I put them on a peanut butter sandwich. I've learned to enjoy the taste. Gotta do it a bunch to get used to the cardboard. ^_^ <3

Live Life says:

Psychedelics is a profound experience. One of the most important things in my life.
I’ve got some stuff, ain't gonna Tell you Fellas what its like to trip on Shrooms & Acid hmu if interested.
Phone + (563) 412-2548
Wick : smokering563

Goodfight Broman says:

Tip: if it's your first time taking shrooms/magic truffels, be with someone you feel comfortable with and AVOID crowded places AT ALL COSTS. Look for a forest like environment. If you take a big dose the first time, you will be completely overwhelmed so only do it if you're prepared for "Madness". The first time i did it i was too over confident and thought it would be similar to a weed like high but more intense. Boy was i wrong. It felt like i was in a prehistoric jungle. It was unreal!!! Everything was beautifull and you can smell/hear things from faaaaar away as if you're a dog. I almost went bad during the peak because i starting thinking i became insane. It was so powerful that i thought it couldnt be the mushrooms. It surely was me going insane, or maybe i had bad shrooms and was never going to be the same and might even die.
I kept trying to figure out what was going on in a intense mental battle. Then when i got over the peak it came and went in waves and i felt such incredible joy and relief.

I learned so much from shrooms. They definately can change your entire personality. For me in a good way. I felt other peoples pain very intensely and wanted to help "cure" Them. Crazy philosophical thoughts about us humans and that we are completely lost on planet earth, we have no idea what we're doing and we ALL are in pain in one way or the other. And many more thoughts.

I just want to warn firsttimers, please do NOT underestimate shrooms. You will be taken to another world and kept there forcefully for the longest of time. Time goes slow as hell on shrooms. 10 minutes can feel like An hour, which only further makes you think you're going insane.

touch three says:

I took 3gs last night

Mike moneyy says:

I microdosed and before i left this video, it told me to come back to dislike for the disrespect showed of this god given medicine.

Christian Leeperrr says:

What was the song that was playing at 8:00?

GothBoi Prince says:

nigga mixed it with milk XD

Tanner Wilkins says:

Shrooms don’t taste good but they dont taste horrible

stephan nieto says:

this is bullshit disgrace to the use of mushrooms

Brand Gadfly says:

They will learn to respect the spirit

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