We Did Shrooms | The Psilocybin Experience With Remington James

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Austin Thrash says:

That's awesome you guys went through this experience. Glad you guys shared it!

Scott Betsinger says:

Luv what u both got out of the shroom experience n how it opens ur eyes to other things n know everything will be ok #itsallgood

joe noor says:

anyone know where did rem got the t shirt he is rocking it is awesome

Armedfireman says:

Wish you guys would have filmed you being all hippy dippy and shit.

r0bbt says:

If you guys want a real spiritual trip get a guide and do ashwagandha and you will learn alot, but glad you got to experience your true self. Best blessing.

Phoenix Haim says:

Do some collab with Troy

Rick Rdz says:

I've never done shrooms but acid is one hell of a drug I would always do it with my closest people and man it was the best non stop laughing and talking getting along nothing else in life mattered just us in the moment. it was the best we would hang out from sunset till sunrise. the only thing that sucked was the crazy sweats even when it was cold af outside. its been a min tho

Eric Oosterbosch says:

Fuck it makes ya feel good do it. Did ya get a hangover feeling? Kill ur gainz for a day or 2?

skinny3715 says:

Wow. Thats deep

Matt Holloway says:

Great vlog. I'm glad you were able to experience it. I love your channel. The level of real is high.

kase pro says:

Thanks for the video,nice to see rem in a vlog again. I found it to be educational and glad you guys had a good life altering experience!

Grant Furness says:

ya'll wild lmao

Colin Vazquez says:

Shronoms are the bomb man. Next time make a tea, it helps you absorb more psilocybin and it doesn’t taste like you’re eating Treebeard’s asshole

Dec0y 0ctopus says:

ya'll been watching to much joe rogan…lol

DiLLy DiLLy says:

I’ve done shrooms. Many times in my hayday. Just gave me a huge body high and just high feeling. Mouth hurt from all the cheesing out and smiling. Body high was great.

justin fincher says:

My fav thing about shrooms is with practice you can talk yourself out of a bad trip, it less of seeing crazy things like acid and more your sensations and imaginations turn up to 11

Dillon Doran says:

Rem might be back on the juice! He is looking jacked. Miss him and wish him well

Jeremy Weiss says:

Haha that's awesome! The 1st time I took them I was by the beach in the winter on a cloudy day. It really was very relaxing and awesome! Me n my buddy were following the 1 ray of sunshine that broke through the clouds lmao definitely a nice time lol

mmmmmmmm307 says:

While I don't know you or Remington, what I like about you guys is that you share your experience and info, and let others go with it. I never feel like you judge others for how they choose to live their lives. I don't know if either of you read much or listen to books, but what you described reminded of books like "Power of Now" or "New Earth". I recommend checking them out. Also, I'm reading a book by Robert Greene called "Mastery". I would say that one would probably have a huge impact on both of you. Best wishes.

Robert Tirschman says:

Great Video.. I remember my first and only time about 24 yrs ago… I started questioning everything and how my brain could tell my hands and legs what to do… It was a wild night.. We took them straight with a Mystic Tea…Crazy good times..


joe Rogan would be proud

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