Denver voting on decriminalizing hallucinogenic mushrooms

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Denver voters will decide whether psychedelic mushrooms should be decriminalized Tuesday. The proposal would allow possession for personal use for residents 21 or older. The unprecedented vote comes after the Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Decriminalization Initiative gathered enough signatures for the question to be added to the election ballot.


Trev H says:

Let me get this straight…..we are cramming down on fracking…….and our schools are under funded…..but continuing to bend over backwards to support drug users…….I hate the humans

Aryan Ouellette says:

why she whispering lmao

Phyllis Arrington says:

"Take a trip and never leave the farm."

ebarton1475 says:

The educated need to get ssmarter drugs are always the way. Must be why they vote the way they do

D W says:

Same day shooting at school in Colorado by kids hopped up on 'shrooms. Nice job, Dummycrats!

Jake From State Farm says:

I think if they are legalized, you can’t go out in public while on shrooms. If taking them, you have to eat them at home, or somebody else’s home

Turtle Lynwood MOB says:

Can we just legalize every drug and let everybody go overdose if they want to lol

Antonion Martinez says:

I also agreed with the AGE component of this idea.

Gardening in Gnome town says:

Ok and we Should pass out LSD to elementary school kids and heroin and meth to high school kids. BRILLIANT!!!

Numbzinger says:

Henry J. Anslinger continues to roll over in his grave. May he never find peace with all the lives he's ruined.

Boo Garcia says:

Americans are going to be (F) up!! all the time, who's going to work to pay for all this!!!

Z-Man Overstreet says:

Time for more car crashes

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