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Time Lapse Psilocybe cubensis var. Florida

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Time lapse cubensis


Hector Rodriguez says:

The music alone makes this fuckin trippy enough lmao

Milk2Percent says:

Theres gonna be a party out in the desert in about… Lets say 30 years! Its gonna be huge, everyone is invited 🙂 Im not sure when, but I will need 2.5g a day for 15 days for each person. Thats 250000 people minimum, someone respond if they are gonna be doing some crazy shit in this life. Also if you want an invite!?.

Yo-yos Tenbucks says:

This aint music, its morons making noise

Loosidius Maurasium says:

I’m in Florida and looking for some to buy. Anyone who can help hit me up.

Some Videos I Made says:

your music choice was so much more appropriate than the rap or dubstep people tend to put in similar videos

Taker02 says:

That music reminds me of some Pink Floyd works with the genius Syd Barrett ahead

Adult Onset Diabetes says:

The music makes this like a short horror film

Bô Mập Channel says:

Does too much water kill your mushroom?

Levi Erickson says:

Oh man. You wanna get them right before the veil opens

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