Could magic mushrooms hold cure for depression?

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A former British government drugs adviser has warned that clinical trials to cure depression are being blocked by EU drug regulations.

Professor David Nutt is calling for a change in the rules so that research can begin into whether magic mushrooms could hold a cure for depression.

But how exactly could this psychedelic drug – illegal in many countries – be used to treat depression?

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Chad Charming says:

I do not like that lady lol
She’s sooo dismissive towards everything he’s saying

BrentRF says:

Big pharma seems to control the entire world and all of it's governments.

Zeb says:

lol, reporter ignores statistic about 8000 deaths from alcohol 'but it's a class A drug.' Jesus, listen to the man.

BLueSun says:

Why am I alive in this time, in 100 years it will al be legal and people won’t have to suffer, I feel like maybe shrooms can help me but I can’t get to many all the time and I’m not about to self treat this I need a professionals guidance and I will be better!

soul76can says:

This woman is so clueless. Someone give her a red pill.

Trevor Or says:

keep the pressure on mr nutt sir theres those of us out here know your correct some of us have been doing ower own trials for half a century by experience millions around the world who can tell all governments thay are wrong on the war on drugs were no PhDs by book with a great oz to tell us we have a brain by diploma some are your on the right path keep pushing

Acid Skies says:

David Nutt is an absolute hero.

Artie Lang says:

This guy is doing great work, standing up against stupid ppl. Will make history one day.

Dan great says:

The reason they can treat depression is because
depression is just a thought. If you train your self to think negatively
all the time then ofc you will only have negative thought loops. In the
western culture in particular its common to renenforce the idea to each
other which makes it more real and they believe in it. Its very simple.
The mushroom or any drug or shock to the system zaps the mind out of
the depressive thought loops that you chose to create. Its simply a case
of taking control again and reprogramming your own mind. Meditation is
the key. We are all connected.

The mushroom is a "shock therapy"
of sorts for people with no time for meditation and thus no
understanding of the self. People could stop disempowering theirselves
and choose to be happy. Go outside and sing your heart out to the
neighbourhood. Your favourite song. No holds barred. Then come back
inside and tell me if you are depressed? That is freedom. The exact
opposite thing.

Blue&Green says:

its criminal how this drug is being held back, its one of mother natures gifts to human kind.

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