Denver voters approve decriminalizing "magic mushrooms"

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Denver voters narrowly approved a measure to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms for adults. The unprecedented vote comes after the Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Decriminalization Initiative gathered enough signatures for the question to be added to the election ballot.


Julian Castle says:

This news story is not correct it would still be illegal for anyone in Denver to possess or use mushrooms, but it would just be the lowest priority of the state. It would still not still not be legalized.

martin solano says:

Colorado is the trendsetter state.

Mr. Money says:

This is step one. This isn’t dangerous in the sense of danger to society. There won’t be people roaming the streets high off their mind. There won’t be deaths from mushrooms. This is dangerous because mushrooms have the tendency to wake you up.

Francisco Toscano says:

Been jealous of Colorado, Chicago is going to get Legalization this year 2019, yey.

John Mutch says:

Yay! Yummy mushrooms!

Bulkier Writer 1 says:

You know I wish it was legal everywhere in America.

Jonathan LuisJuan says:

Why?? Weed is enough. Whats next Cocaine legal too? Maybe meth or whatever else Druggies use.

Jeff Solis says:

Denver here I come

James Mullaney says:


K P says:

I’ve tried this once and it was trippy lol

Doc Tom says:

Will driving in Colorado will become a "Survivor Series"?

Liz Hall says:

Dumb! They voted for death.

Matthew Condie says:

It's aboui time medicine is decriminalized

Jairo Herrera says:

Now, they will have a lot of patients overdose in the ER rooms. What's next, legalize cocaine, meth, and heroin?

Audilife says:

stop using medical emergency rooms when you use them
That should be a rule too
Wasting precious medical recourse and time

Crown Royal says:

Why do you think they call it dope?

SlowBrony says:

Goodbye anti depressants and welcome legal micro dose <3

J Venegas says:

Next year heroin and pcp

Jeremy Thomson says:

Government shouldn't be telling you what you can and cannot stick in your body anyhow …

RA Donegan says:

Shaman says once a month…go DeCO

K C says:

As a teen, I dosed at least 300 times with no adverse affects more than 25 years later . If regulated then I see this as positive. I had 1 bad trip due to my over taking it but still had a great time . In fact, I think it improved the way my wings feel when I fly

To Release is To Resolve says:

More degeneracy on the way to Colorado. Wonderful.

Sweet Lemon says:

I know were I'm going when I'm 21

hypebeast Z says:

This sucks were still waiting for the legalization of weed, and colorado does it again, good for them, hope the rest of the country can wake up, and follow.

Debbie Does Dallas says:

Make meth legal , so my neighbors can stop going to jail.

Crown Royal says:

Uh oh,, gonna be a lot more kolorodo kooks out there….

FEAR the WRATH of YHWH says:


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