Psychedelic mushrooms could be decriminalized in Denver

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Denver Elections announced on Friday that an initiative to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms in Denver has earned enough signatures to appear on the May ballot.

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Drew says:

Anything that’s good for you is illegal. Shrooms have long lasting positive effects on the brain. And unlike other drugs, You won’t become heavily addicted to them because it’s not something you’ll want do every day like smoking a cig or drinking alcohol.
They give you a deeper wisdom and understanding of yourself and allow your mind to connect with God, the infinite intelligence. The government wants the third eye to remain closed.

Jerry Hall says:

Why are people so against this? This can benefit so many people in so many different ways.
Meanwhile you can kill your self with alcohol or take all the addictive pills your doctor gives you.

N N says:

"what happened to my state?" ….It was never YOUR state….

Arturo Perez says:

Decriminalizing all drugs is ideal; we have seen that people will continue to use drugs, so why not legalize, regulate and tax them all?

Sheen Estevez says:

Damn it! What's next, Crack, Cocaine, Heroine….Enough is enough, stop with the drugs already, do something productive with your time, join the Peace Corps, participate in a Habitat for Humanity project. Take your drug addicted ideas and go away already….this is not Denver, certainly not Colorado.

S G says:

Fa la lalala la lala la la.

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