Denver Decriminalizes Magic Mushrooms

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Vermilion8g says:

Every time I've done mushrooms I havent wanted to do them again for months. It can be intense and I find it tiring. I couldn't imagine doing it more than once in a month let alone several times a week.

Brooke Hammel says:

I wonder if this would open up more possibilities for psychiatric research experimenting with the effect of micro-dosing on major mental illnesses. Perhaps the universities out there could make pivotal findings that could have a positive impact on those that are suffering.

Omar Elgendy says:

Where do I get magic mushrooms when I live in Egypt damn

Phil Pedro says:

P. cubensis made me a better person.
I also had a personal relationship with Jesus. Hey, I WAS tripping, you know. Was and still am an Atheist.

abbreviation of time says:

Legalise drugs and build the wall. Both will make America great.

J. A. P. says:

Your thumbnail photo for this video is entirely inappropriate Kyle, those are death caps not the mushrooms you are talking about. Death caps will kill you. How To Identify The Deathcap: A Beginner's Guide
How To Spot The World's Deadliest Mushroom

Gregory Rogalsky says:

Decriminalize all drugs.. It's a public health issue. The government should mind it's own business and get out of the war on drugs. Which is nothing more than a war on the people. I agree wipe out the black market and put drugs in pharmacies and provide education and counselling.

Acheya Wachtel says:

Finally, something to do in Denver when I'm dead.

Inquisitor Ichijou says:

"They wanna prevent a living wage; they wanna prevent free college"

Because this will mean they can squeeze less money out of people.
And they are so wrapped up in their greed that they don't realize that they'll hurt themselves in the long run.

Nanozlolz says:

I would love to hear a trip-report by Kyle

Lord Cannabis says:

psychedelics and weed should be mandatory

Kazeshini says:

I disagree that you can't become addicted to magic mushrooms or even marijuana for that matter. As someone who was a user of both, and still uses marijuana, yeah maybe you cannot get physically addicted to these 2 drugs, i will grant you that. But some people can get addicted to the "high" you get when using those substances. Is it to the point of acting like heroin or coke addicts ? Probably not but they can miss the "high" state of mind and once they use it again they will feel kinda whole again while the "high" lasts.

To have tried the whole spectrum of non-addictive drugs (shooms, speed, Ecstasy, acid, lsd, hash, weed) for a decade and stopped cold turkey without any side effects. Only recently have i picked up marijuana but i like that better thank drinking myself to death because of a tragedy. If someone offered me any of those today, would i use it ? I honestly don't know. Some days i'd say yes and others no. Do i miss those highs ? Not really, it was fun when i was younger but now i got other things to worry about. But hey, it's only one person's experience.

Just like when i first heard that marijuana could cause schizophrenia, i actually laughed. After listening to the explanation tho, they convinced me. Why ? Simple, they were talking about kids under 18 smoking weed when their brain isn't fully formed yet. They showed examples of kids who now had psychological problems because of weed. This is why i whole heartedly supported for the legal weed smoking age to be as (no pun intended) high as possible but they set it at 18 which i am totally against, 21 minimum would be my choice, hell 25 if we could.

WB says:

Colorado seems like a great place to live

The Enlightenist says:

I'm for people doing what they want. However, I live in Denver, and many people have moved here to simply take "drugs". That's not cool, the city is becoming more expensive as well.

Lars Engstfeld says:

The fact that psilocybin is not addictive comes for a reason. It is quite "mentally exhausting".
Your brain will feel like it ran marathon all by its own afterwards, regardless of having friendly
or uneasy experiences, or a bit of both. Expect to be slightly off the rail the next two to three
days, and some time necessary to comprehend.

Very important to mention is that psilocybin does not go well with a variety of other substances.
Alcohol is one of them, do not combine!

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