Mushrooms Get Legalized

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Colorado has voted to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms in the state. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

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“Denver voters narrowly approved a grassroots ballot initiative to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, commonly referred to as psychedelic mushrooms.

What appeared to be a failed effort on the evening of Tuesday’s referendum made an unexpected comeback the following afternoon, when Denver election officials released the final count. It showed a slim majority of 50.56% voted in favor of Ordinance 301.

The action doesn’t legalize psilocybin mushrooms, but it effectively bars the city from prosecuting or arresting adults 21 or older who possess them. In the ballot language, adults can even grow the fungus for personal use and be considered a low priority for Denver police. The changes could take effect as soon as next year.

What happened in Denver may be the start of a much larger movement, which seeks safe access to psilocybin for its purported medicinal value. Supporters point to research suggesting psilocybin is not addictive and causes few ER visits compared with other illegal drugs. Ongoing medical research shows it could be a groundbreaking medicine for treatment-resistant depression and to help curb nicotine addiction.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Sarah Thomas says:

Ana sounding like a libertarian 🙂

Haiti LeBlanc says:

As long as you are not driving I don’t care

KingJustice98 says:

Is Ana ok with people high on shrooms driving on the same street as her? Does she still want regulations on Opiods even though she wants to legalize all drugs? Please tell me how you do that?

KingJustice98 says:

Cenk is wrong on this issue, and he messed up when he said countries that legalized all drugs <–NO COUNTRY HAS LEGALIZED ALL DRUGS! NONE! Decriminalized small possession in Portugal, but the sale of illegal drugs is still illegal.

KingJustice98 says:

They better not drive while on shrooms, they should be given a DUI.

Kazeshini says:

Soo video is titled "Mushrooms get legalized" but yet almost at the beginning they say it's being decriminalized and not legalized. So this is fraudulent title right ? But worry not, as soon as there is enough push back they will probably change it to avoid consequences. I used to like you TYT but BS like this doesn't help your case in trying to get new members.

Quijybo Janklebits says:

Psilocybin isnt a mushroom type it's a chemical in the shroom. The name your looking for is psilocybe

nihiswann says:

FFS, do you research first TYT… it's 'magic mushrooms' and psylocantspell isn't the type… wow.. redo this video without Ana coming off as a retard

The World As It Is says:

Decriminalized, not legalized.

Scorpion King says:

That’s a lot of people eating shrooms from cow shit

C S says:

I don't even really like weed but shrooms are great and really can help people without harming.

Norm Haletty says:

Cenk says he believes that all drugs should be legalized, even in the middle of Americas school shooter crazy gun culture: Ha ha.

VernichtungsSoldat says:

states' rights … small government … oh wait

WoRldLoveNow says:

we are winning

Eric Thomas says:

In my opinion, they should legalize all nontoxic substances and BAN all toxic substances. If it destroys the human body, it shouldn't be legal. Period. But if its nontoxic, we have no reason to restrict its access. Goodbye alcohol and tobacco.

flakoace says:


anthony mazy says:

Disliked for wrong title and ana saying the state decriminalized it. It was Denver, not colorado

x Blade says:

All the people claiming weed isn't addictive are fooling themselves. Most nights people don't HAVE to have a beer, but in the right circumstances alcohol can send you spiraling into hard addiction and I think we've all met pot heads who go through the exact same thing, spending retardedly high amounts of money on weed. It's the same principle as cigarettes and alcohol except withdrawal isn't as bad.

Also your argument about the medical use of these mushrooms is fine if it's administered and prescribed by a doctor or medical professional. We already have super strong and addictive drugs in use, so adding another one is fine if it's controlled. However, don't peddle this idea that depressed people will be outside finding mushrooms to help their depression. That's not a thing. Any who do so just want to get high out of their mind, not legitimately feel optimistic about the world. Drugs used in such a way are rarely used responsibly to fix mental issues. It just becomes an addiction in my experience of watching people try that.

bob thebuilder says:

honestly bro I have been addicted to weed for 7 years. But, I guess it's different than heroin, because I stopped smoking just about 7 days ago because I wanted to change my health. I want to have healthy teeth

liza bette says:

the war on drugs has only created gang empires in south america. It has not in any way prevented addictions as evidenced by the opioid crisis. I'm with Cenk. Legalize it all and start treating addicts not penalizing them.

Taylor Beresford says:

Dear Cenk why do you want gun crazed loonies in the U.S. to have full access to all types of legalized drugs.

Jeremy Cheng says:

420 blaze it

Jose Conseco says:

Be careful with the hawaiian mushrooms. Strong as hell.

Zurround100 says:

kind of hard to enforce laws against naturally growing fungi.

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