Being interviewed on FoxNews about psilocybin mushrooms | Trip Report (sort of)

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On May 11th I was featured at the end of Watters’ World on the Fox News Channel. Jesse Watters interviewed me to discuss the decriminalization of psilocybin in Denver, as well as decriminalization and psilocybin in general. As you can imagine, this was a huge opportunity and a very stressful process. Here is my side of the experience.

To watch the original interview and read the Q&A I mention in this video, head to

***The short clip from Watters World at the beginning of this video is Fair Use as it is a part of commentary.

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Nick Williams says:

Awesome job James.

Watcher on the Wall says:

You did really well! Funny to hear how nervous you were, as you seemed completely in control. You just seem so naturally articulate – your voice of reason is a true gift to this world!

bearjanman says:

CBC Radio did a mockery interview the day of the Denver Vote (the commentator was laughing). Why would CBC do this. * FOX News was more forward thinking than CBC.

apexnine says:

Great job! You did very, very good. You gave informative and intelligent answers. You also brought up valid points and facts.

drumSick says:

You've been the perfect guy to represent the scene. No one could have done it better! Thanks man!!! 🙂

razzaxxe says:

You did incredibly well considering much of the segment was aimed at ridiculing and dismissing mushrooms and picturing users as vacant or insipid. A lot of bait here, to be sure. It's a shame FOX News is so eager to dismiss their therapeutic potential. You have to ask why. Hopefully they'll catch up. Again, fantastic job. You remained calm, were clear and concise and got a lot across in such a short span of time. I am also really enjoying your interview with Robin Carhart-Harris at the moment. Thank you for what you are doing.

david hunter says:

Well done James.
No one could have done it better.

Obo Martin says:

right on … you did great under fire you stuck too your talking points and and responded rather than reacted… i was clapping when it when the interview was over

Asha Walker says:

Your answers were fantastic and well composed. You managed to convey quite a bit in a small amount of time. Thanks for the great representation!

Dukotah Hutcheon says:

Terrence would be proud brother love from NorCal!

kevin solis says:

You were absolutely in charge on the situation and made him look like a child.

Lauren Nikohl says:

I think you did a very good job in the interview, and the Fox guy wasn’t even as mocking as I thought he’d be. Congrats!

Matt F says:

Really good James, very articulate responses ::)

Nick Payne says:

I haven't seen the video yet, but I imagine you handled it very well all things considered. They make a profession of spin, of mockery, of misrepresentation, of dominating the conversation and deliberately derailing it. They have teams of people who work to come up with "gotchas" and fallacies beforehand. They probably figured you were a soft-headed hippie, didn't expect a considered, measured and scientific approach.

OK I just watched it, and dude, you handled it very well. They came off goofy and you simply presented the facts to the audience. Bravo man.

Beleszove Foldlanya says:

you're pretty amazing. nice job! You definitely took the high road and were more professional and cordial. He didn't even say hello or thank you for your time.

Hot Wheelz says:

You answered those questions in the best way possible! Awesome job James, very professional 🙂

Pytho's Prism says:

It's been fun watching your channel grow. Sky's the limit for you, Brother

G Ragnar Gudmundsson says:

Well done. As a representative for the decriminalization perspective I think the most important thing is the positive way you presented yourself. Thanks.

CrucifyRobinHood says:

Off the top of my head I can't think of a better representative for this subject. Thanks for rising to the challenge, James.

D k says:

I lean on the conservative side of most things. You did a fantastic job cuz it appeared Waters was looking for a gotcha moment. Im for legalization of most all drugs and hold ppl accountable for their actions. A free society is a dangerous risky society. Im all for for that… Risk is a necessary for growth…

Sturla Moltzau says:

Great job James! You're really one of the best front figures for the psychedelic cause and I couldn't imagine anyone better than you to talk about this than Paul stamets.

I just want to note as well that around 13:53 you shift the camera perspective to a bit closer view and I really loved it. Your room looks really neat, however there is a fair bit of cluster that removes the focus from you and what you are saying. By having a bit closer focus I felt like your message came across better since the focus was on you rather than your background. I think it would be a lot better to have a bit closer perspective during your pre-podcast talks such as the one you had there to frame the focus on what you say rather than what your environment says about you 🙂

no name says:

Trust me, you've already been on the radar in regards to any "list" for a bit now James.
If fox researcher's are contacting you, I'd assume the authorities are on to you too bud.
You're a responsible and educated advocate for the potential benefits of psychedelic research in regards to healing the human psyche.
I honestly don't think anyone reasonable could accuse of you of being a kook, or a flake, or fubar'd, or reckless in the promotion of negligence, wanton irresponsibility, or illicit/nefarious affairs.
You're all good Bro! Thank you, keep on being you!

F estie says:

Wow you nailed it dude, good job!!!

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