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Entheogens & Christianity: Saint Michael's Church of Hildesheim, Germany (Vlog)

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This is the 3rd video in my series on Entheogens & Christianity, this time focusing on the very interesting Saint Michael’s Church of Hildesheim, Germany. If you weren’t convinced by my two previous videos I think the evidence presented here might be enough to push you over the edge. Let me know what you think, do you think there is a sort of esoteric eucharistic tradition?

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Mike Clarke says:

So where did the mushroom come from…???
Requirements are completely strict.. but the requirement of the Christ was to experience humanity.. to feel our joy.. and our pain….so as to experience in mortal existence…all of our fellows

Mike Clarke says:

Full of crap….stop looking for answers in the obscure

Will E says:

Love this series and new channel, thank you

Sleuth says:

I believe that we are in the tribulation (right now) and that eating from the tree of life (spoken of in revelation) will heal us to 1000 years of peace on earth.

Sleuth says:

Thanks for making these videos. The stoned ape hypothesis is the missing link!

Troy Stephens • artist says:

There are 2 kinds of people: 1 kind thinks that people can be easily delineated into just two classes and the other kind thinks that it's stupid to put people into 2 categories.

Captain Philosophical says:

We had my daughter baptized this weekend, not because I particularly wanted to, but because my wife and in-lawsfelt strongly about it. I am fine with performing a ritual but we have agreed not to send her to Catholic School. While I was there there was a painting on the wall of Jesus being baptized by John. And there was this Bible quote from Mark, "in those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. And when he came up out of the water, immediately he saw the heavens being torn open and the spirit descending on him like a dove."

This description is exactly like an experience I had on San Pedro. When I read those words I immediately thought of my experience. It was the perfect day, 72 degrees, sunny, with large fluffy white clouds in the sky. I was completely blissed out and in the most amazing mood. There was this cloud that looked larger than the Rocky Mountains swirling above me. There was a hole in the middle of it that revealed the blue sky. I was watching this hole and the edges of it swirling and swaying. Air, water, and sunlight combined to produce the most beautiful display. In my blissed-out state I said, inside my head, to whom do I owe my thanks for such a beautiful display? Immediately this rising energy and buzzing was felt and the hole turned into first the symbol of angel wings and then a dove and then the word spirit entered my head. Is it possible that people can see the same visions even though their lives are separated by Millenia?

justaman6972 says:

I can only speak to my personal experiences. Astounding, every single time!

grgr basil says:

New agers want Christianity with none of the morals and responsibility. They also deny the incarnation, resurrection, and salvation. You can’t cherry pick the Bible. That’s what it’s about, belief and repentance.

IchTrinkeSpranta says:

Christianity is a mushrooms cult on psilocybin.

Eric .Lynch says:

Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to a thousand hours of Terence McKenna, but I think that the spontaneous experiences of the divine, as chronicled in the world’s holy books, may have detailed people’s endogenous DMT release (where the brain releases its own DMT, in a small percentage of people.) The prophets might have truly been experiencing God, or the Logos, (or self-transforming machine elves, as Terence described them!) without actually consuming psychedelic plants.
That being said, the basis of ALL religion is probably shamanistic experiences with said plants.
I’ve never experienced a spontaneous divine encounter, but the closest I’ve come to it (or maybe it was EXACTLY that) was via DMT

Victor Stole says:

Thanks for another brilliant, educational video. It seems evident that Christianity, like most other organised and especially monotheistic religions, with its demonisation of sex, entheogens, independent spiritual practices and much, much more, has tried to suppress the individual's access to aspects of spirituality they could not control for millennia, but this is further evidence that it's based not on mere suppression, but actual monopolisation. While there is obviously a fear of the unknown and demonic involved, especially amongst the church underlings, it's becoming increasingly clear to me that for the upper echelons, this is not so much fear of unprepared initiates causing themselves harm as fear of losing privileged wisdom – and having their hypocrisy exposed.

That said, speaking as someone with some entheogenic experience, it's clear that there is a very real "Satanesque" dimension to the mind that can be accessed through overuse of psychedelics, so this is not to say that hoarding of special knowledge is the only factor involved. Most Christians are probably just trying to protect their kids from what they think is a very real threat. And yet, that said, it's also pretty obvious that this aspect of the self is only worsened by the repression and denial of maintaining ignorant of it or seeing it as Other.

It's also fun to reflect on the classic "Jesus was a hippie" trope and how spot on that is. I mean, even Moses got visions from a burning bush…

Dean Howell says:

Intriguing it would help me as you describe an element of the whole if you could pull in on that specific element visually so that i could appreciate. But interesting subject for sure!

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