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My 10.5g Shrooms Trip

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I was with some friends in California and ended up doing a ton of mushrooms, 10.5g worth. Reckful and Becca took shrooms as well, though they were on more normal doses, around 1/8th an ounce. This is the last half of the trip, the first 3-4 hours (that involved the actual death loops) weren’t recorded.

I heavily not recommend doing what I’ve done. You might think you are strong enough to just jump into this but it absolutely is not true, you have no idea what you’re getting into. I was incredibly arrogant going into this and I still have problems today related to this (experiencing panic attacks/derealization, things that have NEVER happened to me before doing this).

There are responsible ways to explore psychedelics and I heavily recommend investigating those resources before trying anything like this on your own.

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marcus wellington says:

I feel bad for steven

Kaylan Yarbrough says:

this is the most miserable thing to watch. worst trip sitters ever. he did so well handling all of that happening i couldn’t handle being patted on and touched all the time. i would just want to feel shit. this is a perfect example of what NOT to do. so sad. just let the drug take over and let it all happen that’s when you experience things and having a good trip and start realizing so many great things that you can’t even explain. ah this makes me sad knowing this probably happens all the time with terrible inexperienced people. psychedelics can be so amazing and powerful but this is just terrible. just feel the vibes and be with good trusting people who have experience in these types of drugs when you trip and all will be good

rosdon87 says:

Wtf weird shit is this. And your friends totally want to bang your girl

MastersmokeABUSE says:

Yooo is that a Boston Terrier?

Ethan Clarke says:

Even if I wasn’t tripping
Not the kind of entity I’d want to be around.

Lord Megatron says:

Your trip sitters are cunts

Yolobird Spurkens says:

My Reality doesnt feel real after a traumatic drug experience. Called depersonalisation derealisation disorder

Yolobird Spurkens says:

Wait. This tripsitters had no idea, u should have choosen experienced people, or teach them what to do. Thats what i thought the whole video. But than… u r totally high, between ego death, and not letting go, already unsettled and than he really says: This is why people shouldnt do drugs. Its too much. Or "what are ur biggest worries in life" Glad u surrvived that boy

Yolobird Spurkens says:

If u wanna stay, stay. If u wanna go, go. Its okay, we will love u. Doesnt matter what u do, its up to u 🙂

frandemarco says:

So mushrooms isn't like weed. Wtf is a trip to another dimension or something

Ronin Al says:

Did you eat everything in the house afterwards?

Bill Nye says:

Seems like everything Becca was saying was so calm and real. And Reckful just being very abrasive and too harsh for someone that was going through something crazy.

Willow Charrier says:

reckful is wrecking it

nate says:

god the "trip sitter" came off so self absorbed in this maybe he needs to eat some shrooms and experience one of these ego deaths

soft ware says:

the thing is you have experienced true reality that is hy the material world felt fake. cause it is so. and the second guy is soooo ignorant

Jim Rat says:

It's for those who can listen. Get rid of those people.

SirNate says:

Reckful sucks.

SirNate says:

Okay, I'm back

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