Magic mushrooms 🍄

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Ablackbirdthatiswhite says:

LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! Thank you!❤️ feb 24, 2019.

Robert Sparkes says:

The country side by you is fantastic…I'm waiting for BraveHeart to come over the hill…. LOL

Freshboii UI says:

Waait i thought blueberries were toxic to doggies? Love the Shrooms tho

Gatescaper says:

Jealous, I haven't mushroomed in forever!

Warlanda says:

bilberries are great for the eyes! I can understand why Bruce would prefer cheese to eating a mole…yuck!
those looked like toadstools…have I been mistaking them all these years???
love and hugs…

dianne11ca says:

Love that tail! And those mushrooms! lol

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