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How LSD and shrooms could help treat anxiety, addiction and depression

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Psychedelic drugs could be the key to making you happier and healthier. So why won’t we research them?

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kcazseeley says:

I smoke like a chimney when I’m on.

Cauasia Rush says:

I knew someone who attempted suicide twice, and was on death’s door for about 4 months after her second attempt. Her family moved to Portugal for a while where she took LSD one time (drugs are decriminalized there). She came back to the states and she looked so happy, she actually has a job, she never starved herself, never cut her wrists since the LSD, found a passion in painting and knitting as a hobby. She experiences occasional depression but after 2 years of that treatment she’s still her happy self. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if she hadn’t gone for that treatment. She would’ve most likely be dead if she hadn’t.

Ismael Ortiz says:

Do u just need to take once to get rid of anxiety or ptsd?

Robert Balejik says:

if you want legal ones lysergi.com or for europe 1psld.to (ald52, 1plsd, 4aco-dmt)

Spencer Meunier says:

I dont necessarily need to treat anything with psychedelics but they sure have answered a lot of my questions about the nature of the world around me and within me

Purav Maloo says:

Editing on point.

mega lodon says:

you should watch DRAGNET and then you could get just the facts

Interbeing Art says:

Psychedelics were not made illegal because of abuse! Woodstock was a peaceful success. They were made illegal SOLELY because it threatened capitalism.

Z Cat says:

When u take LSD you are going to use 100% of the brain basically.

mejri yassine says:

LSD made me feel like a little kid again like I kept giggling for so long, my cheeks felt inflamed. I was reliving my childhood in the sense that I view people, objections, and situations through the eyes of my child self. Such an amazing nostalgic trip!

Lucas Carter says:

Over the last 5 years I had started to have progressively withdraw into a downward spiral of depression. But now w ith this depression treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) I can totally focus my energy and .
ideas into a decisive line on how to make my life better continuously. I`m pleased and savoring several social actions..

if u read this ur a fag says:

Fungus must be cultured, and then it must move through a production that involves anhydrous hydrazine or chloroform. Both of these elements are considered carcinogens, and people working with them are often encouraged to wear skin, eye, and lung protection. But they are used in a drug people are expected to ingest. Clearly, that cannot be considered safe. Do your research before you try and do a dangerous drug that youtube channels claim to be "healthy for your brain". This video should be taken down.

Luke Hermann says:

Vox actually did something good

Stash PHL says:

There is not enough evidence or people trying it for depression anywhere. I’m talking full on in detail of how they are feeling. I am seriously depressed I don’t want to take lsd or shrooms for the high. I mean it will be fun, But I want to see if it legitimately can help and document it. Hmu film makers. I’ll be the patient.

Monte White says:

She has no pupil

Charlie Rothwill says:

Taking hallucinogenic drugs will destroy someone with panic attacks and send them to they're own personal hell for eternity !

Mizchief says:

But if we're gonna use shrooms or LSD to treat mental illnesses wouldn't that make the patient dependent on the Shroom/LSD?

Zorkon says:

I’ve done acid 4 times now and gotta say it’s an indescribable experience and I think that even in low low I’m talking quarter size tabs might just be a great mood booster not a lot of visuals

Alex Sandoval says:

Listen to any J Dilla instrumental off lsd & ride that wave ✌

Big Dubyuh says:

Stoned Ape theory is making more and more sense huh guys

Noah Crow says:

Ah ha! Terence McKenna was right all along!

SunHead says:

Gotta love it, mushrooms and lsd are next schedule one with heroin. Yet we sell cigarettes and alcohol to everyone. Not at all backwards in any way.

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