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10 Facts About The Drug Magic Mushrooms

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10 facts about the drug magic mushrooms. This list contains ten facts about Psychedelic magic mushrooms. Do you know interesting, amazing, fascinating and mind blowing things about magic mushrooms? Let us know in the comments…

10. There are roughly 200 species of mushroom that can be classified as “magic”.

9. The natural, active ingredient in magic mushrooms is a chemical called psilocybin. It is a hallucinogen and produces similar effects to LSD. Its main effects are hallucinations and an altered state of consciousness. Effects appear within 20 minutes and can last about 6 hours.

8. The most common name for hallucinogenic mushrooms is simply “shrooms”. Other, less common names include: Mushies, Boomers, Cubes, Caps

7. Magic mushrooms are a class A drug. You could go to prison for seven years for possessing them and for life for dealing them.

6. In only two European countries is the possession and cultivation of magic mushrooms fully legal: The Czech Republic and Spain.

5. Magic mushrooms were widely used in Central America during religious ceremonies. According to a theory the Mesolithic rock paintings in Algeria of Tassili n’ Ajjer are a depiction of mushrooms used in various rituals. The Aztec called magic mushrooms “flesh of gods” or teonanacatl.

4. A study at John Hopkins University shows that test subjects had the most significant spiritual experience of their life after taking magic mushrooms.

3. A strange side effect of magic mushrooms: They destroy fear. A 2013 study in mice found that when dosed with psilocybin, the animals became less likely to freeze up when they heard a noise they had learned to associate with a painful electric shock.

2. As with other hallucinogens like LSD, is the possibility of “flashbacks”. Flashbacks are re occurrences of hallucinations for periods that can occur long after taking the drugs.

1. No studies have been done on the long-term effects of using magic mushrooms. However, their use is linked to psychosis. Psychosis refers to losing contact with reality.

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Xmeteorstrike 84 says:

do you know how it taken..?? ORALLY or through injection right??? <3

CrawlinNoob says:

No voice or pics only music and words

callan hower says:

Some of these facts are false

Lisa says:

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joeriggi87 says:

1 is false. long term studies HAVE been done and not only can mushrooms NOT cause psychosis, long term users actually show over all better mental health.

2 is false. there are no such things as "flashbacks" that's a complete myth.

3 is false. the study didn't show that mushrooms erase fear, it showed that they repair harmful memories and damaged brain cells from ptsd.

if you make a facts video, make sure you verify your facts.

maxerd says:

wheres the videos?

Eli Dagdagan says:

excuse Listing 10 you happen to make amazing fact videos. Can you please do a video about the drug cartel called the United wa state army. This is a drug cartel in Myannmar and is known for pedalling heroine. I don't know much about them but it would make me happy if you made a video about them. thank you.

Federik says:

Really class A wtf you can eat 50+grams and won't die you can take them every day for 70+ year and won't die it's safe just like cannabis.

Daddy Longstroke says:

Losing touch with a false reality, perhaps.

Oriana Vall says:

Number 6 is false. They are also widely legal in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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