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Illegal mushroom grow house discovered in South Austin

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Austin police say the home is located close to a daycare.


Turd Ferguson says:

The media had to throw in that it was across from a daycare "to make it look for sketch"
They also put on suits and brought all their toys to make it look like a spectacle…Fucking idiots

patrick perkins says:

people are so ignorant. i know this is an old video but still. mushrooms are medicine not a hazard that needs to be treated like if they had busted a meth lab. I love how they added that there was a school and daycare nearby, that has nothing to do with anything unless you are trying to make people afraid of something that they shouldn't be afraid of. I hope that makes sense. It just goes to show how demonized and misunderstood Psychedelics really are.

Felipe Marroquin says:

Fuck the law

Whipsaw says:

Psilocybin is a medicine. Not a drug. This needs to be legalized.

Robin Marquardt says:

Oh man all those drug heads lying around the city high on shrooms. Shrooms are the devil! Worse than crystal or heroin. Just imagine those hippies coming into contact with your kids! A nightmare

kingdogkong streemz t says:

hazmat suits lmao

Be free With me says:

Really? A suit to block contamination? Get trippy and stop being dramatic. It’s not like their hurting anybody, just let them grow their shrooms jeez

Be free With me says:

I think the reason most psychedelics are “illegal” is because the government doesn’t want people to expand their consciousness and discover that the government is evil. Everyone in the comment section should try shrooms before they say they are bad and dangerous.

learn2 farm says:

Yep remind us thats its misplaced in schedule 1 when it clearly has great medicinal use for illness of the psyche. Heroin and LSD… no meth? Or cocaine? Oh wait the usa government fought a war against methamphetamine… while simultaneously producing and prescribing meth to the tune of over 4000 kilos a year. But them hippies and their shrooms.. villainy of the highest order! Drugs whose direct effect causes boundless empathy and love got no place in society…. for real because people would start leaving society, the reason they were scheduled in the first place.

Geoff Mckenna says:

What a joke American laws are.

Kyle Lynd says:

Ladies shocked mushrooms were growing right behind the daycare. The shocking thing is the amount of DEADLY mushrooms In between the daycare and the magic mushroom grow house are way way more of a threat to the children In the daycare than the actual magic mushrooms whoever was growing. They are going to protect their product it isnt like they will be lying on the ground waiting for a child to pick up and eat and potentially die like the wild ones that are in the woods between the daycare and the grow house.

Sigma Ape says:

Guy grows mushrooms. We need to protect the kids! Kid shoots up school. We need to get rid of guns!

Prod.ByGosha says:

There goes the plug

Zippy Zayden says:

Gotta love that dislike to like ratio.

MR Sam says:

lmao how ridiculous culture is. This is natural sacred medicine.

Ashton Tice says:

Cops with their hazmat suits

Rope Lay says:

We’re talking about mushrooms here. Mushrooms….. wtf lol

Nick Vescio-Franz says:

Oh fuck all these people. All those beautiful shrooms destroyed

BigBenny TheKid says:

Omg mushrooms behind a school?? Whatever next.. idiots

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