Kilindi Iyi coming to the channel soon

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Kilindi is busy this week but said he will join us next week for sure and it might even be possible to set up a lecture meet and greet

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Willy Wutang says:

whaat this is awesome.

Graham Howard says:

What's up Booker, my brother.
In another lifetime man…..I swear we know each other somehow though, because I always get that feeling.

SensiiVision84 says:

How can I get on the discord? I got so much to say…

SensiiVision84 says:

Thats what's up man. Awesome. U fuckin rock brudahh

Yosef El Bey Bey says:

Yo, peace Peace True.. Yo, that's going to be so Dope! I have some important questions to ask him. Wow bruh bruh.
1 Luv & 1 Luv to the Family

brothawoodsmakesbeats says:

Lovin the growth fam… this channel means everything to me. Yal keep me sane in this world. Love yal!

kiing Peace says:

Yo i dont know how use that thing you sent me

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