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Mike Smith says:

That's what most of the politicians have been on for years look how crazy & insane they are, look at nancy

Morningflower J. says:

They're going to ruin pot being legal.

shieldman says:

They want us to remove ourselves from reality so we remain asleep!
Keep us dumb and num.
I disagree with your stance on marijuana. Just another excuse to escape reality. Medical only!!!

whatever3210 says:

As if the people here in Portland aren't crazy enough already!

John Smith says:

America being destroyed from within. Civilisation eating itself. There are enough crazies around without legalising the production of more. Give them all the mind altering substances they want, but segregate them from the normal productive segment of society and let them indulge themselves out of existence.

Byran Cook says:

Nothing wrong with that in my opinion all drugs should be legal, that would eliminate the criminal element of the hole thing which would cut off the funds to the deep state and the criminal house and senate.

Chester Clingan says:

IGGI,IG.[[ if God grew it, it's good. ]]

Chester Clingan says:

So now, they can get high, and won't have to deal with all the bad
Things around them, like garbage,
Crap on the sidewalks and neddles.

Charles Roer says:

whats next opium , coca , mescaline ,peyote ? all of this and more were legal until the patent medicine law. now they have to vote for a right everyone had .

SuperRPfan says:

Micro dose for your health not your high

Maribeth says:

Those dumb@ss people will be driving on shrooms! God help us!

southernyankee05 says:

I also support natural medicinal marijuana and any other natural earth grown products. The government needs to keeps their sticky hands off of these products… PERIOD !!! BUT… with the way so many people are today with being irresponsible and disrespectful I DO NOT TRUST THESE IDIOTS ON THE ROAD WITH MAGIC MUSHROOMS !!!! HELL… THESE LOONEY TUNES TODAY WOULD CAUSE SO MUCH HAVOC IT WOULD BE A NIGHTMARE.

Georgia Russo says:

I don't agree with you.  I don't think legalizing an hallucinogenic, natural or chemical, is a good idea.  You look like you could have been born in the 60s but not an adult back then.  People weren't so crazy and violent and delusional then like they are now.  It's not like everyone's going to restrict the use to their own home.  They will be out in public doing things that will not enrich society or their minds, creating still another problem for the rest of us to deal with.

white conservative patriot channel. says:

Are you on shrooms right now ?
I think you are……

Forest Bear says:

Riders on the storm…

concerned citizen says:

You had to be in kindergaten in the 60s. Im almost 66 and started hs in '69. Dont agree with legalizing but if you find some growing its up to you.

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