Shroom Therapy | House M.D.

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Being out of options House’s team resort to a new form of treatment that involves magic mushrooms. It wasn’t effective but this patient didn’t regret it.

Season 3 Episode 23 “The Jerk”
House meets his match in the form of Nate (Nick Lane), an obnoxious 16-year-old chess prodigy with intense head pain and behavioural issues, who manages to annoy and offend every member of the team during his course of treatment. Meanwhile, Foreman’s frustration with House reaches a new level when he believes House sabotages his job interview with another hospital.

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mira sandouka says:

Isnt he that bigger jerk then house kid?

Noromdi Puts says:

Obviously a single mom. Dads wouldn't put up with that attitude.

Superintendent Chalmers says:

This actor woulda been a good actor for Joffrey Lannister.

Demarco tucker says:

Has she tried beating his ass?

Jordan Holme says:

Matthew Casey ??


It’s always the fucking liver I swear to god

Aaron Bradley says:

First of all what did annoying fuck second of all and he was that sick and gave him shrooms he would not have a good time

saitama one punch man says:

Can i one punch this kid

Arend Galenkamp says:

How does it end?

Dr. JB h.c. says:

There are some people that the world would truly be better off without. I honestly, if I was on a jury for anyone that killed this kid, give a Jury Nullification.

Nicole Rottmann says:

what happened next????

E Campbell says:

Is it lupus???

Pgm Jayboy says:

This kid is higher than a kite lmao

Docter Blank says:

:So do people watch there words around you

:Because I'm black

:No because your gay

shark 754 says:

I like hospitals because they are the only places legally aloud for recreational drugs used when I initially broke my arm earlier in 2019 I had to be knocked out using ketamind so they can puty arm back in place and cast it up with out me knowing and it's felt like hours when in reality it was only 20 minutes it was awesome

officeryee says:

I love this kid

Dr. Baz says:

I’ve got a buddy just like this, he sucks at MTG.

Darragh Murphy says:

It’s lupus fam

AsphaltKing says:

Lucifer has seen better days

Izalith says:

Magnus… that you?

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