Hippie3 Super Tek Recipe

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A presentation on a less used recipe of the PF Tek mushroom growing method.


Simon Sozzi says:

3:45 you don't have to be so neurotic. You're about to autoclave it! For example, it doesn't matter if your coffee grinder is "clean". Too much. There's a time and place. Edit; I take it back. He's using a pressure cooker. Not the same. It allows air back in!

Duncan Wood says:

Don't forget to season with salt & pepper. 😉

Alexander Supertramp says:

Did he say fresno

Ashakari Singh says:

Yeah I'm not sold.
With the sheer amount of additional ingredients you're honestly better off just going MS ➡️ Agar ➡️ LC ➡️ LC2G ➡️ Spawning to pressure-cooked (to speed up colonization) CVG cased with Perlite shoeboxes/trays and you're still going to spend only slightly more (10kg of Perlite, Vermiculite & Gypsum each cost about as 3 – 4 bucks each and a standard Coir brick that makes about two small mono tubs is 4 bucks at worst) than had you gone with enhanced BRF while dialing down stalling/contamination likelihood to single-digits while improving expected yield by by at least 30 percent.

This is no doubt an interesting proof of concept but it's ultimately unpopular for a reason.

Kristopher Gallagher says:

Speak more clear, you sound like an automated system on a phone nobody wants to listen to from the Philippines.

air pods says:

can I use plastic jars? or it is a requirement that i need to use a glass jars

Forest Scheel says:

Can you pack your jars to tight an not get anything to grow in them or dose it just take longer?

Sodirty thedirty says:

Bro you need to drink something…all i can hear is your tounge sticking to your mouth

Zac Crow says:

Overcomplicated but still nice of you to make the video. Just stick with grains. You can add some extras to fruit straight from the seed but why not just go the small distance and spawn to bulk sub. Many bulk subs only need a simple pasteurize. If you're willing to do this work for this recipe which has no proven benefits, just do some grains instead, colonize, mix with bulk in a bag and let sit. Then fruit in the bag or the same chamber you would've fruited these cakes

Brandon D says:

Why all the ingredients brown rice vermiculite and water Is just fine? Also gloves?

Estephen H says:

What kind of silicone?

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