Jordan Maxwell duscussing Magic Mushrooms & Religion

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Jordan Maxwell duscussing Magic Mushrooms & Religion

The Origins of Religion: as Reference to Sacred Mushrooms:
By Rev. Nicklas B. Failla

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Throughout the ancient stories of humanity; plants and fungi have been used as a source to contact the divine reals by Shaman and Priest alike. These experiences are often potent enough to form Mystics, Prophets, Spiritual Gurus, and even gods. Psychotropic substances in the modern era have been virtually demonized and condemned by most members of society or labeled as recreational by others – leaving any claims to a spiritual connection castrated at the thesis statement. Scholars fear tackling this subject by reality of being ostracized from peers and/or banished by the Church if not outright imprisoned by the state.

Holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Holy Communion, and Marriage all appear to have their roots in the experience that Christ is centered upon; Sacred Psilocybin Mushrooms. This author takes a deeper look into the myths, artwork, and stories that surround religions and breaks down how each individual can come into direct communication with “the Divine” by instituting the true Holy Blessed Sacrament.

The motif of the sacred scarab (dung beetle) symbol is a distinctly predominating theme in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and amulets. The ancient Egyptians even depicted the dung beetle as a religious deity known as “Khepri”. Its prevalence as sacred imagery has been ill explained by past Archaeologists and Egyptologists. Many historical explanations of the divinity attributed to this beetle have been based upon assumptions that the Dynasties of ancient Egypt had “misunderstood” the biology of beetle, and that it was this “misunderstanding” which led the Egyptians to keep the beetle in such high esteems. Secondary research which was triggered by newly discovered evidence obtained and presented by scholars on the newly discovered Genus of Psilocybin mushrooms, offers possible explanations to more probable motives behind ancient Egyptian’s use of the sacred scarab symbol.

Reverend Nicklas B. Failla is a Cultural Anthropologist with an emphasis on religious sacrament use, particularly that of P. Cubensis. Failla plans to continue research into how neurotrophic and psychoactive substances have melded spirituality since the beginning of time, as well as their current importance for the future of humanity.


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The Origins of Religion (Jesus as Mushroom) – Complete Special Edition by Nicklas B. Failla (Fully Remastered)
Include The Origins of Religion + Ancient Egyptian Royal Motifs are Reference to P. Cubensis


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