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Main Speakers

Omolewa – Women & Entheogenic Healing

My mission is to restore the culture of birth through ancient wisdom and entheogenic practices. Psilocybin can play a vital role in the processes of conscious procreation and mothering in the 21st century, from fertility and preconception to birth and breastfeeding. Working in my community and with families of different backgrounds and ethnicities I encounter many births, placentas and the various cycles of the woman. This talk will discuss Women & Entheogenic healing along with menstrual blood, the sacred art of menstruating, mycelium, Midwifery and the wisdom of the Placenta.

Omolewa is a loving Mother, Holistic Massage Therapist & Doula, Midwives Assistant, Placenta Alchemist and Urban Gardener. As a Massage Therapist of 12 years she has shared her gift of healing touch and Earth medicine with women, men, children and elders in her community. Through this healing work she has cultivated her ancestral and spiritual gifts as womb worker, keeper of ancient plant medicine, sacred ceremonies and women’s Blood mysteries.

Spirit Traveler – Exploring with your Children

Spirit Travelers presentation will explore conscious, subconscious and purposeful parenting with your children through the utilization of psilocybin mushrooms. Connecting and restoring relationships with your children multidimensionally during lifes many unique transitions and challenges. Spirit Traveler as the mother of ten living children puts her in a unique position in todays modern society as an advocate for women and entheogens and psychedelic parenting. Even the beauty and benefits for families with special needs children.

Spirit Traveler considers herself an eternal Student. Her studies and work are in her passion of Spiritual Midwifery, home birth and Doula service. As a Spiritual Intuitive Guide she also shares her gifts and training in Tapology, Dianetics, Personality Typing, Numerology, Aromatherapy and a host of other Alternative Healing Modalities. Spirits mission is not only to be the GateKeeper of the new arrivals to our future, it is to “remind” us of our True Essence as Self Masters.

Ayana Iyi – Modern Day Witches, Women & Entheogens

Ayana Iyi is a modern day witch with ancient sensibilities, utilizing entheogenic plants in her work as a Psychic and Medium. Ayana has an intimate relationship to spirit going back to early childhood. Sharing many decades of experience working as a healer of immense knowledge and power. Incorporating teaching fungi into her work was the perfect complement to accessing the ancient worlds of the divine feminine. Many testify to the fullness, depth and passion that Ayana brings to the Psychedelic community.

Ayana Iyi Detroit native has realized that her journey as Warrior High Priestess is a journey of wisdom, innerstanding and truth. As a visionary in her communities and throughout the US, she inspires women to reclaim their Birthright(s) as Goddess, Warrior and Mother through counsel, tarot and entheogenic ceremony. Most importantly, by divine example. Wife, Elder and Mother to many, Ayana works effortlessly to provide spiritual guidance for all of her sisters and daughters. Showing that total acceptance, love and knowledge of self is her code of life through Profundity, Intelligence, Silence and Truth.


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