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Here I talk about entheogens and alternatives to them.

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Greg Steele says:

Cool editing! You are quite striking

Erick Silvermoon says:

OMG, I have always wanted to try some sort of Entheogen but I always change my mind when it comes to it lol! I make some sort of excuse so I now know that it might not be for me to try something like pot or something related…I do want to try drumming.

Cris Ashburn says:

Beautiful video! Lot sof great information for folks. I also got my Maggie dosage. <3

Sable Strixnyctea says:

Weed does the same thing to me! I have never felt good about any forms of drugs because I am just soooo sensitive to things. I have the system of like, a six year old, lol. BUT, I am an oracle and I use small amounts of alcohol and aromatherapy to induce these ecstatic states. I like things such as labdanum, spikenard, copal, etc.

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