MAGIC MUSHROOMS Growing In Monotub Timelapse

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Music video of Golden Teacher Psilocybin Mushrooms growing in a 53 qt plastic Monotub over the course of 2 weeks…


wildo says:

This comment section is fucking retarded haha

Supreme Sage says:

Nice, what's the song and what is your reference for the weight of making the tea

Mr_ Heathen says:

Converted me from PF to Mono tek now! Can't wait

itsShowtime007 says:

Excellent grow! I've just started getting into the hobby myself. Can't wait to harvest my first crop!

Skylar Davis says:

Where did you get your spores from whats the best place to get them from?

Thomas Briscoe says:

Yo bro you isolate or multispore syringe because that's a fat canopy great work

dagwood953 says:

luv it when the pins r poppin

Myco Madness says:

Mush luv. Doing my thing over here too. Just subbed

just chillin says:

Great job. What are your parameters?

Tobin Frost says:

Over how many days was this?

Miguel Araujo says:

Do you dunk and roll? If so, how?

Kyle Searles says:

What strain?

Rip says:

Dude that's fucking epic! Can you hook me up with any spores?

Tweedle Duhm says:

I’ve been doing an awful lot of research on how to begin growing psilocybin. I am so into as well I just really don’t know a definite place to start. Do you think you could help me out and give me some tips to get started? Much appreciation and thanks for the video!

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