Michael Pollan on legalisation of Psilocybin

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Michael Pollan in conversation with Dr David Luke, filmed June 2019 at the University of Greenwich, London, UK.

Michael directly responds to David’s question asking him about the current controversy surrounding Michael’s views on the recent decriminalisation of psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms),in Denver and Oakland.

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Legalize Equality dotcom says:

Pollan is right to worry about overcommercialization when legalizing drugs. The more risks posed by a drug the more regulation it requires. Near the end he says he's looking for the "container" other than medical and religious to properly regulate each drug. Fortunately drug policy researchers have already addressed this issue and outlined non-commerical models of legalization. Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's fully corporate-controlled and profit-driven – that's a narrow understanding of legalization. Legalization just means the government respects its citizens sovereignty and stops harassing, arresting, and imprisioning its citizens for doing things that are bad for their health. It also means government puts organized crime out of the business by having legal entities (for-profit or nonprofit) take over the trade. Pollan is great and has learned a lot about drugs and their history, but if he's serious about commenting about how to move forward policy wise he should really research the policy options because he still has a narrow understanding as demonstrated here. Prohibition enforcement is a violation of our basic rights and must end asap, not "when it's the right time." It's always a good time for governments to stop criminalizing people for peaceful actions, and it's always a good time for governments to put criminal organizations out of business.

Psych369Delicious Delicious says:

Okay I been waiting for this year's convention. I've heard enough Pollan tho. He pollanates things though.

jolena auvuya says:

the only obvious thing that i have to say is that simply our culture is too puritanical, it only likes the status quo plants but cannot see beyond this enough, its just puritanism at its worst, the same people who enforce laws against kava, cannabis, and many other plants. its bad because on the west coast you seem to now be saturated in cannabis, however in London we are still wanted criminals if we possess cannabis, this is why conservatism is so bad, because it is so blind. it is simply not rational and has lost its obvious logic, it pushes the bourgeoius status quo of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco and puts the police state behind the arrests of anything else. its like we've never got any better than the 1940s in the UK. and this country is awful becuase of the lack of listening to the people of the UK.

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