magic mushrooms of grassland..this time growing on buffalow dung covered by grass

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panaleous and psilocybe both at same place at distance 2 m far from each other. So this is another proof that these magic are found every where just need hard dedication searcing it.


Aakash Dahal says:

Bro I really want to learn more about mushroom as a whole found in Nepal . You seem to know quite alot about it. It would be nice if there's a way to contact you. Please reply.

Levi Ackerman says:

What the f*ck!! Here in our farm theyre lots of this shrooms lol!! But i need to learn how to spore prints , but.. seriously im from philippines and here in ph. We have lots of these, and liberty caps down in a hill right next to my house

suleeporn promphach says:

Cut your nails !!

Nirmal kunwar says:

Hey bro can I get your contact number??

Joe O'keefe says:

excellent find

Chiranjivi Subedi says:

well Dn …ask on

Mukesh Nakarmi says:

Hey bro! Need information about this

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