Growing Shrooms from Start to Finish

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this video documents growing cubensis shrooms from the beginning all the way to the end

-clear plastic bin(for the fruiting stage)
-1/2 pint jars. make sure it doesnt have a shoulder so the cake can slide out properly.
– brown rice flour( food source for the mushroom)
-spray bottle (for misting the fruiting chamber)
-psilocybe cubensis spore syringe.
– isopropyl alcohol
-1/4th inch drill bit
– drill (to drill holes in the fruiting chamber pin 2 inches apart on all 6 sides.)
– aluminum foil
– perlite( it retains water to keep humidity chamber humid.)
– vermiculite
– stalk pot or pressure cooker(for steam sterilization of substrate)


G The Entity says:

Bro I'm gonna give you props for putting in the hard work to learn how to take something from spore to edible product but there is something you seem to have missed when it comes to these things and that's the inherent necessity for anonymity.

You really can't be showing kids using mushrooms on your video and not expect to be investigated man.

We live in confusing times, considering decriminalization is on the horizon and we see more and more people comfortable showing their faces online but if you look around and do some research you'll see small grow operations are busted left and right for sharing their work online and more often than not it's just because they show their face in a video.

Be safe man. Move to a legal area and get familiar with the law

Nathaniel Guajardo says:

Where do you get the spores and is that alcohol in the needle

Justin Kerr says:

Let me buy some spores

dat boy mafiana says:

100 degrees makes it grow faster in the beginning…your welcome

Alpha Centauri says:

That's a lot of work for a yield that size. If you'd spawn to bulk and run mono tubs you'd yield exponentially more.

Noah Rodgers says:

Nice grow, but fill your tubs airflow holes with micropore tape or polyfill to prevent spores of anysort of getting in there. Also the yellowing of your cakes means there is a slight contamination going on. But the mycelium piss(yellowing) is produced to fight off contams. Also those 60 jars should give you MUCH LARGER grow. I only use two to three fully colonized jars and i get 200 gram plus harvest everytime. With those 60 jars you should of atleast got a pound of dried mushies. Look into monotub tech. That is the largest yeilding tech to date.

12thNY says:

5:08 what is that thing

Caleb Fletcher says:

Why not just do one big monotub my dude? You'll get a better yield.


Where do you get the spores from?

JR Juarez says:

Hey can u list the stuff you used ???????

Matthew Lambert says:

Can anyone recommend a quality source for purchasing medicinal varieties of spores from for microscopy and taxonomy purposes?

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