My Experience with Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca ✧ Plant Medicine

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The healing benefits I’ve experienced from marijuana, psilocybin, ayahuasca and other plant medicines, when used with pure intention to heal and to heighten intuition.

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jimijackson says:

falls in love with her eyes

Jaswant Singh says:

Kathleen,realiy!!!!!you have magical eyes and refresing,beautifull soul.your personal experience's so appealing,and spiritually deep rooted

weaverpsu says:

Just a note. Ayahuasca is not a vine. It is a combination of two plants that grow very far apart from one another which adds to the mystery of how it was ever discovered and how they learned to combine them etc.

Squanch Wanch says:

Shows how natural veganism is, gotta take supplements just to make it work

evilal20 says:

I'd like your opinion of marijuana to help with my ADHD and Aspbergers. I have a hard time with anxiety and depression as well. Thanks for the video

Marcel Poitras says:

Its real theme and place settings those mushrooms, buckets of fun and Spriff,,ever since brand of Jeans and sneakers in parlor with A Whiskey Contusion excuse,,,its been tough of Jerome R. Whitepork to play Dry Duff Prentise Duffice,,,and to spit mud and Cornish if alert but the whole smud of bite there. With little more than picking ones face using a suggestive stern of pogs….and if it doesn't play chloroborm as a prerequisite,,,or if it says cheap bond, alumus bond…During its troubling to claim in box 'celt', or Bird?

Jeff Morgan says:

Kathleen you are much clearer than you think you are.
I've been traveling the conventional path with my VA doctors trying to handle PTSD and Migraines. 10 years so far and it's not working out. My brain is in knots. Back in July I got the idea to try psilocybin. I read three books on it and watched at least 50 hours of Youtube. I figured the easiest way to get them was by growing them. It's crazy, I never have tried to grow anything before. So, my teenage kids are making fun of me for growing Shrooms. Every day I watched the mycelium grow and I watered them and talked to them and formed a relationship with them. I had real hope. One day they started to pin and grow into mushrooms. So beautiful. I took two grams, everything was so shinny. About a week later I decided to try 5 grams . I didn't trip, not like I was expecting. But, the Mushrooms told me that I had to get off the massive amount of psychiatric medicine I was on. It basically said the medicine was blocking my healing. Last week I signed up for a medical Marijuana card. Next I've got to talk to my doctor and get his help. I feel very hopeful. The psilocybin is in me, I take 450mg 4 times a week and things don't bother me like they once did. Got aways to go!

Amanda D. says:

I and my husband are Irish too!

Amanda D. says:

I am definitely a “law of attraction” student!

Amanda D. says:

I appreciate your energy and your soul!

Dreaming 777 Feigning says:

I feel like I’m the 2030’s we’ll start to see the shift in consciousness emerge more as they start to legalize medicinal psychedelic’s in the western world which would spread globally hopefully. Until that time comes, people just have to spread more awareness & education about the benefits of what these plant/fungal medicines can do for mental health plus spiritual development.

hasani SGS says:

@ 8:12 SAME

annette naugler says:

I want to meet you in person one day.

Green Tangerine says:

When i use plant medicines i am trying to get high to heal my boredom, improve my mood. Its just a little buzz.

S Hall says:

Good for Canada! I wish the US would follow suit and legalize marijuana nationwide. Mushrooms are a beautiful spirit medicine.

Leogem says:

Do you think there can be any damaging effects from consuming Aya ? I've recently won a stay at a temple in peru, and am considering microdosing aya to help reduce anxiety and heal and because im worried that a full dose trip may be too much for me lol

sahrajevo says:

Never do with stress in deep mind. And never to much, not to often 🙂

Puck Jackie - Ode To The Earth says:

I am going to experiment with using Marijuana plant medicine since it’s becoming legalized and I am curious about using magic mushrooms and Ayahuasca to heal some inner wounds and experiencing something new and highly positive energy ❤️✨

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