First Time Tripping on Mushrooms

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xCodeh says:

Leave a like on the video if you want me to tell more trip stories!

Kasper OG says:

your friend either DID eat more, or my guess he smoked more weed. weed is psychedelic too. But ur lightweight like me and my boy and i also split an eighth, and trust the intensity was like an 8

Kasper OG says:

this video got recommended! im proud af cody dont stop fighting the bs guidlines. also good shit speaking out for silencedhippie and straincentral u the bossss

Andrew Ghika says:

Ever watch superjail on shrooms

EasyGaming says:

●The game that he play is RISK OF RAIN 2●

Cole Stranaghan says:

Bro u should make a podcast

kyle gardner says:

Broooooo silencedhippie is back boi yall should do a collab

DampedPancakes says:

9:20 the cudi reference tho

Justin Price says:

I remember watching this video 4 years ago lmao. Glad to see Cody's channel is still active

Aight says:

yo whats up Cody just want to let you know keep up the good vibes man nothing better than coming home from a long ass day at school (sophomore year sucks) and just smoking a backwoods tuning in to one of ur vids keep it up man

Mask Rasta says:

@xcodeh you want to trip and see vivid shit. drop acid or smoke dmt. then you will see

family guy says:

I really want to try mushrooms, I’ve done 1 mg of Xanax and it didn’t do anything except relax me more. Not really worth it. But I definitely want to try mushrooms, I’ve been looking for them every time I’m in the forest lol

J wood says:

What game this is

prestige wolf says:

was his phone actually cracked??

prestige wolf says:

smokinf when your on mushrooms is not a good idea

prestige wolf says:

ive bwen waiting for this story for so fucking long just ginna say that before the video stara

Jarred Prusener says:

Please tell the story when you were stuck at school and the huge storm hit and you stole a golf cart.

O Xemangas says:

I never really experienced visuals on shrooms either. Things would look and feel differently but it was nothing like peyote or LSD. Although even on LSD I never saw anything other than colors and trails. It’s all about your frame of mind and your surroundings when doing psychedelics. Always keep this in mind to avoid a “bad” trip.

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