Oakland Becomes 2nd US City To Legalize Magic Mushrooms

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The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to decriminalize the adult use and possession of magic mushrooms and other entheogenic, or psychoactive, plants and fungi.


A Ng says:

undoing the harm of european colonization as magic mushrooms and peyotes are both used in Native American ceremonies, which were criminalized along with the effort to evangelize these peoples. Its about time.

Boy Katavana says:

Hers an Idea Legalize All Drugs and TAX Them then you won't Have any Drug Cartels or Illegal use of Drugs.

It's ok To be white says:

pshycedelics reconnect the brain
david nutt
he was a researcher for the UK government

Luke Bandy says:

You would have to be on mushrooms to want to live in Oakland

toshiro says:

yaw out here legalizing shrooms but still cant provide affordable housing

Bob Swanson says:

City of Oakland Decriminalized Medicinal
Entheogenic Plants

Yogi Bobo says:

Just as weed, so goes shroom. Legalize them both!

adriennefloreen says:

It wasn't just the 2nd city to legalize magic mushrooms. it was the 1st city to legalize dmt and peyote! Watch my own video about this where I interview the guy with the cactus while actually showing his face! https://youtu.be/skhzHPmfqR8

Sk8x4x3v3r says:

Lucky Oakland!! Congrats

I EAT ASS says:

Damn that news lady looks good.

Mark5ky TV says:

No one should be thrown in the rape camps for drug use and possession, especially psychedelics and marijuana. Makes no sense. Personal freedom is more important whether it's a good choice or not to ingest whatever chemical it is. Rape camps/prisons only make matters worse.

Video Starts At says:

Psilocybin is schedule 1 while meth is schedule 2. A monkey throwing darts could have made more logical drug laws -_-

Archaic Revival says:

Now is the psychedelic renaissance!

Robert Kowallek says:

Meth can help people overcome narcolepsy. We should legalize that too. Look at the long term effects. It causes neurons to atrophy. That's your brain dying you fucking idiots. More drugged out homeless, yup that's what we need.

Molag Wai says:

Oh boy, here we go again

NamComSNK says:

The world is waking up!

Martin Kennedy says:

It's dust toixc can kill you.

Matthew Gordon says:

I'm so happy the world is changing. Nature doesn't deserve to be criminalized. ;')

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