The Origins of Religion: as Reference to Sacred Mushrooms: By Rev. Nicklas B. Failla Complete New Book loaded with Extra information and pictures @ Like the Fanpage : Snag some Memorabilia Free [More]
In this episode Brian reads four chapters from his book, Mushroom Medicine: The Healing Power of Psilocybin. He discusses his past experiences with magic mushrooms at low and medium doses as well as a detailed [More]
Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms can be a very useful way to further personal development and to eliminate depression and anxiety. Psilocybin is the alkaloid and active component found in psychedelic mushrooms. Psilocybin Mushrooms have been used [More]
Visit us at and become a citizen for Entheonation, and discover consciousness-raising content on psychedelic science, modern shamanism, neuroscience, & new paradigm lifestyles. Download our Guide to Navigating Visionary States with Sacred Plant Medicines [More]
For my 235 subscribers a mushroom trip video. Of me and a friend taking an 8th or psilocybin mushrooms.there would hav been more footage. Was alot harder to film on a 8th of shroom. Dont [More]
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ERIE presents: Mushrooms and Entheogenic Transhumanism (part 2) with Kilindi Iyi, April 2016 in Oakland, CA. This talk will explore how organic psychedelics can be used to usher in a new paradigm of consciousness. By [More]
This talk took place at American University and was sponsored by the 920 Coalition. The 920 Coalition organizes events around the world each year on 9/20, focused on research and the role that psychedelic psilocybin [More]