You will find this entire workshop under the title ‘Distilling The Psychedelic Mind’. Terence McKenna playlist:
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A 2012 study by Dr. Carhart-Harris and colleagues utilized fMRI to map the changes in cerebral blood flow and oxygenation resulting from intravenous injections of psilocybin (the active constituent in magic mushrooms). Significant decreases in [More]
Could the “magic” element of magic mushrooms – psilocybin – treat people with severe depression? Researchers at Imperial College have just published the results of a trial looking at exactly this. Newsnight had exclusive access [More]
Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for centuries for medicinal and therapeutic reasons by developed tribal societies across the globe. Today they are put into a bad light and considered a ‘Class A’ drug in the [More]
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A few days ago I tried psilocybin mushrooms for the first time and I thought I’d share my experience with you all. Outro Song: Beef by KRS-One Follow me on Facebook: