Like0000000or copy the linkProposal E would decriminalize -Entheogenic plants better known as hallucinogenic magic mushrooms.
Like0000000or copy the link“In the first segment, our panelists discuss the legal battle between Soul Tribes International Ministries and the City of Detroit over religious freedom protections. The church, known for considering psilocybin mushrooms a [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkThe shaman of the church believes the city and police targeted him because he offers mushrooms — which he calls sacred plants — with his members. FOX 2 Detroit is working for [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkBaba Kilindi Iyi discusses the motivations and inspirations for the Detroit Psychedelic Conference coming up August 6-9th, 2020 in Detroit! More details on the conference soon!
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Like0000000or copy the linkA Metro Detroit religious leader prepares to fight the city of Detroit’s decision to padlock his church.
Like0000000or copy the linkThere’s a new push to get the decriminalization of psilocybin mushrooms on the ballot. Detroit news, weather, traffic, sports and more from FOX 2 Detroit. Serving all of Michigan with break news, [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkI’ve been looking fir this interview for months. A friend called me from Detroit in 2008. He asked cound he ask me a few questions. Lets listen afresh and see if it [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkAyana Iyi is a modern day witch with ancient sensibilities, utilizing entheogenic plants in her work as a Psychic and Medium. Ayana has an intimate relationship to spirit going back to early [More]
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