Like0000000or copy the linkThe Expansion Zone with Sonia Barrett GUEST: Kilindi Iyi has been featured on local and national television programs such as 60 minutes and Strange Universe. Kilindi was honored on The Martial Arts [More]
Like0000000or copy the link In this installment, martial arts expert and world traveler Kilindi Iyi joins us to explore various shamanistic traditions of Africa along with musings on humanities transhumanist future. More can be found [More]
Like0000000or copy the link“Polygamy And The African-American Community” on The African History Network Show, Thurs. Jan 6th, 8pm – 11pm EST. Our guest will be Lecturer and Historian Kilindi Iyi as we discuss the cultural [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkKilindi Iyi | Melanin, Genes and DNA, 2008, Detroit. Full lecture on Patreon. Support on Patreon: (Dr. Blair tier) Writing a live book on Patreon “Mock the Devil – Living [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkTalk at the Sleeping Octopus Assembly on Psychedelics (SOAP) II. Presenter: Kilindi Iyi, mycologist and head instructor and technical advisor of Tamerrian Martial Art Institute.
Like0000000or copy the linkKilindi Iyi at the Breaking Convention 2015 3rd International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness Jul 10, 2015 through Jul 12, 2015 Universtiy of Greenwich Old Royal Naval College Park Row, Longon, GB Topics [More]