We grow and sell psilocybin mushrooms and psilocybin microdose capsules
What is microdosing? In this video, I talk about what microdosing is, how it makes you feel, and my experience with it.
Psychedelic mushrooms are a really crazy drug. For some people magic mushrooms are a really fun and sometimes even a spiritual type of experience. But for other people they can be a total nightmare. There’s [More]
Magic Mushroom Strains (2/3) PART 2 pantherina information http://www.flyagaric-amanita.com/amanita_pantherina.html Quote: “Panther caps, at least those of North American origin, have been found to contain ibotenic acid and muscimol. When dried and stored, the quantity of [More]
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Just a hippie gettin trippie 😎 My mommy bears GoFundMe is under “Susie Lizarralde” if anyone wants to donate , she could use it , she’s almost on her death bed and I need her [More]
Welcome! This is our first video and we hope that it is not our last. Joe and Kyle do a check in about how the project is going, give some thoughts about getting started in [More]
Instructions Video for Educational purposes Only. How to grow Mushrooms from Home | Mushrooms Growkit Instructions | Tatanka Amsterdam. https://www.tatanka.nl