( Hanefi Mezhebi İçin ) Namaz nasıl kılınır, namaz kılınırken dikkat edilmesi gerekenler nelerdir gibi aklınızda sorular varsa ayrıca sizde namazınızı Tadil-i erkanla kılmak istiyorsanız bu videoyu sonuna kadar izleyin. #NamazNasılKılınır #TadiliErkanlaNamaz Bize Ulaşın; 0 [More]
This is not a review giving recommendation for a this product I got from http://www.magicmushroomkit.ca/. This video is for educational & research purposes only. It examines some of the laws regarding psilocybin in Canada and [More]
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Yes, we can! A complete step by step tutorial for how to grow Mushrooms at home.
Vulture’s Julie Klausner took comedian Max Silvestri to a screening of ‘The Hobbit’ after eating magic mushrooms. Find out what it was like to trip through Middle Earth.
Kevin Matthews led the way as Denver voters approved a measure to decriminalize mushrooms 3 months ago. Now, he wants to spread his message nationwide. More local videos here: https://bit.ly/2Pa0d1l Subscribe to NEXT: http://bit.ly/2eP1GwI Stay [More]
On Tuesday, Oakland’s city council unanimously approved a resolution that decriminalizes the adult use and possession of entheogenic plants and fungi. Learn more about this story at https://www.newsy.com/91059/ Find more videos like this at https://www.newsy.com [More]
Want to learn how to grow mushrooms in bottles? View full article here: https://freshcap.link/bottles In this video, I grow Flamulina velutipes (Enoki Mushrooms) in reusable plastic bottles. You can do the exact same process to [More]
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Magic truffle kit tutorial. Instructions for magic truffle grow kit. these truffles are already grown so its instant harvest. Disclaimer: The video information presented​ is intended for educational purposes only. How to harvest your truffle [More]