How to Grow Mushrooms Part Two: Items Needed: Standard Kitchen Oven 1/2 Pint Substrate Jars Mushroom Spores Syringe Alcohol Prep Pads Isopropyl Alcohol 91% Disinfectant Spray Latex Glove Surgical Mask (Recommended) Lighter Cardboard Piece [More]
This talk will explore how Africans in their early existence ingested magic mushrooms to examine the Quantum world. Man’s present day technology comes up short to adequately traverse these sub quantum realms without the entheogenic [More]
How to grow your Copelandia Magic Mushroom using one of the Copelandia Magic Mushroom Grow Kits. We have three different strains of Copelandia available on our website: This mushroom strain is 5 times stronger [More]
What’s up all you growers and smokers today we see week 3 of our magic mushroom grow
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I first started with growing shrooms a few months ago via straw substrates but was having issues with the sub getting contaminated in my bulk monotub. I have now tried growing via coco coir & [More]
Kerry Pappas was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer in 2013. After participating in a psilocybin study, she lost her crippling anxiety about death. “60 Minutes” reports on the therapeutic use of psychedelics. Click here [More]
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