Paul Stamets describes his first Psilocybin Mushroom Trip – Joe Rogan Experience #1035

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JRE #1035 – Paul Stamets (author of Mycelium Running and The Mushroom Cultivator) recounts his very first mushroom trip on the Joe Rogan Experience.


Blurp Slurp says:

You need to watch the full podcast to truly grasp how amazing this man is. says:

What an epic way to cure stuttering !

Mushrooms are a nice medicine, we can be happy to have them on our planet.

frantic is a new_phone says:

So he bought half an oz for only $25? Bet lmao.

Hoofing Outdoors says:

joe's face at 1:59 is the best!

Bluntville Permafryd says:

I’ve ate 7 grams an there was no way i going to leave my bed , id assume 20 grams you wouldn’t even be able to function at all , but I’ll take his word for it lol

Drew Conley says:

Paul Stamets is a fucking genius!

Garren Aller says:

Love it, but how do you get 20 grams for $25!?

H i says:

Why his hat look like a bellend

Spiral Morph says:

I love the way Stamets just moves on after Rogan's Chosen One comment

Troy Brown says:

GREAT show.

Troy Brown says:


Bob Tree Sapp p4p #1 says:

God damn it I love this show

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