Like0000000or copy the linkPsychedelics are the new panacea for depression and addiction, but the research has largely been conducted on white people. How do psychedelics affect black people? What are the unique challenges to treating [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkAcacea Lewis shares an enlightening exploration at SPMC 2023, where she delves into the ancient wisdom and modern implications of psychedelic mushrooms. Experience a journey that promises not just to unlock the [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkA short clip of Baba Kilindi in Boston 4/18/2015. Nu Info Series Lecture on Origins of African Martial Arts and the Spiritual Science of the Magic Mushroom.
Like0000000or copy the linkTo see this entire DVD, you can purchase it as well as many others at This is a very unique video presentation where Kilindi Iyi demonstrates numerous defenses against grapplers including [More]
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Like0000000or copy the linkKilindi Iyi and Luis Eduardo Luna discuss eating or drinking in other realms with ERIE in Oakland, CA. February 9th, 2020 (part 1 of 6)
Like0000000or copy the linkERIE presents: The benefits of growing your own mushrooms with Kilindi Iyi in Oakland, CA, February 9th, 2020
Like0000000or copy the linkListen to The African HistoryNetwork Show, Thur., Oct. 27th, 8pm-11pm EST when our guest will be Internationally renowned Martial Artists Ahati Kilindi Iyi Kilindi Iyi will talk about “The 5th World African [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkDuring the program of Psymposia at Beyond Psychedelics 2016 conference Kilindi Iyi joined the stage and shared his own psychedelic story. Kilindi Iyi is the head instructor and technical advisor of Tamerrian [More]
Like0000000or copy the linkBaba Moudo speaks on Behalf of Baba Kilindi Iyi @ the #DetroitPsychedelicConference I would take notes on this one if I was you. #Historic)