My Relationship with Baba Kilindi Iyi Talking Slop with Moudou Baqui Part 1

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My Relationship with Baba Kilindi Iyi: Talking Slop with Moudou Baqui (Part 1)

In this clip Moudou opens up about himself and his relationship with Baba Kilindi Iyi. Moudou connected with and became a student of Kilindi when he was 20. He then not only became his martial arts teacher but also his teacher on his entheogenic journey. For years he sat and travelled with Kilindi around the world growing together. We go into some of their history and he shares some of his memorable stories.

Moudou Baqui (aka, Justin Petty, M. Ed.) is an activist, Certified Level II Reiki healer, martial artist, urban shaman, behavioural specialist and educator. His journey into the esoteric started with his father, former Grand Master of a local chapter of an international mystical order, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, who began his studies in the early 1900s. At his father’s urging, he continued his studies of ancient knowledge without the formality of known institutions. He has further advanced his studies of shamanism, metaphysics and entheogenics via travel on several continents and tutelage under different intellectual traditions. Among his teachers, he credits Ahati Kilindi Iyi as a key figure in his knowledge of ethnobotany and the martial sciences.

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