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#LiveTripReport | 3g Psychedelic Mushrooms & Cannabis Hike

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Harm Reduction:

I meant to find Catawba Falls, but stumbled upon the unmarked “Daniel’s Trail” instead. I ate 3 grams of shrooms, then smoked a joint given to me by a Widespread Panic attendee. On the way back, things got a bit crazy, and I was worried that I would get lost before making it back to my car. Thankfully, I made it back safe and sound.


Rah Beats says:

stop lighting the joint every puff, you are inhaling lighter fluid 😮
Great video !!

anon ymous says:

Good trip. Brings back memories. You can't appreciate this unless you have done shrooms yourself. The way they open up the mind has to be experienced for oneself.

Xstacy Tigua says:

Drugs are bad mmkay drops acid

jake jackson says:

I don't know why I enjoyed this video. Probably because I took 4 tabs about an hour ago. I wanna go out there and do this

Tony True says:

I've never taken Shrooms? Do you recommend them?

xenolovegood says:

hey man you seem really chill don't listen to the haters I love these types of videos

Steven Casteel says:

I just found out what that weird looking mushroom is – https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/68157-Calostoma

Olivia Downing says:

Fuckkn gayyy

G Caruso says:

"When I cross my eyes I can see 2 of me",,, I lost it there rofl , great video, I can relate from personal experience, whew.

G Caruso says:

@14:25. Where'd he put that bag? Lolol

G Caruso says:

Shrooms always tasted like pistachio peanuts to me.

Bad Gift says:

10/10 would watch while tripping again

Bad Gift says:

I'm so High I thought of your head as a huge airport for mosquitoes LOL! (lots of love #lotsoflaughter) cheers, buddy.

Bad Gift says:

That's the first time I've heard anyone say it's been a while since they've smoked and actually believed them

Caleb Thomas says:

those are golden teachers aka Amazonian gold caps. I love that strain of mushroom, it never creates a noticeable tolerance, and they're very mild mushrooms. love your videos man keep it up!

person says:

pretty dope bro i was tripping off two tabs of lsd last night and i was tripping to like 5 am just smoking and tripping balls

aurimas jas says:

dude great video!!!!!!

Snazzy Slav says:

Ur channel is so elusive! I used to watch all ur videos, thankfully I subscribed so I can stay tuned. Happy trips brother

stilletto samurai says:

why would anyone want to eat something that came from cow shit just sayin not trying to b a dick

Int0x icated says:

That looks like mosquito central

Int0x icated says:

Them ears tho.

Divine179 says:

he looks like a white will smith

Divine179 says:

the cunt is like it will take me a while to start tripping. Next thing you know thecunt is shaking in the 3 seconds


You have such beautiful eyes 😉

ThatGuyBradley says:

What is with all of these dicks in the comments just throwing random insults? Don't let it get to you man, loved the video.

WitnessforChrist777 says:

If you're friend was hungover he should've taken them with you, it would've helped IMO.

Expanded Top10 says:

Are you smoke weed or mushroom?

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