Jordan Maxwell duscussing Magic Mushrooms & Religion The Origins of Religion: as Reference to Sacred Mushrooms: By Rev. Nicklas B. Failla Like the Fanpage : ABSTRACT Throughout the ancient stories of humanity; plants and [More]
Infinity Wars, Marvel Comics, Star Trek & Hollywood. What are they trying to tell us? Show starts @ 8
A presentation on a less used recipe of the PF Tek mushroom growing method.
Being out of options House’s team resort to a new form of treatment that involves magic mushrooms. It wasn’t effective but this patient didn’t regret it. Season 3 Episode 23 “The Jerk” House meets his [More]
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Magic Mushrooms: Testing for Psilocybin Metol test for testing for psilocybin. Hope you enjoy! Leave me a comment with your thoughts and ideas! Let me know what you liked or didn’t like about the video, [More]
One of the most enduring Western discourses about the experiences occasioned by psilocybin (‘magic’) mushrooms, is that they facilitate a beyond-normal sense of communion, or even communication, with other-than-human nature. Mushrooms are regarded as agentic, [More]
Kilindi is busy this week but said he will join us next week for sure and it might even be possible to set up a lecture meet and greet