Dr Gail Bradbrook, a co-founder of XR will share her stories and thinking on the use of psychedelics to support social and personal change and how those two issues interlink. She will be looking at [More]
Oxygen Dance Crew perform an extract of their stage performance at Breakin’ Convention outside Sadler’s Wells in London, May 2022. Jennifer Romen’s Oxygen is an urban/contemporary dance crew based in the Netherlands. The crew has [More]
Boy Blue Entertainment: Project Rebel at Breakin’ Convention 2017 LONDON, Sadler’s Wells, an extract of a longer performance coming soon. Boy Blue Entertainment is an award-winning hip hop dance company founded in London by choreographer [More]
Watch the iconic and funk-drenched intro to Ghetto Funk Collective’s It’s On The One at Breakin’ Convention 2023. “On the one” is a phrase commonly used in funk music to describe a tight and syncopated [More]
As the state begins to roll out proposed rules that will eventually regulate the psychedelic therapy industry, 9NEWS got an inside look at a magic mushroom session. Read more: https://www.9news.com/article/news/an-inside-look-at-what-happens-during-a-psychedelic-therapy-session-in-colorado/73-99ecf0c1-f7ec-4da7-a0f2-1153b499534e More local videos here: https://youtube.com/@9news [More]
Joint seminar presentation with Queen’s University Health Services and Policy Research Institute (HSPRI). Nov 23, 2022 | The psychedelic renaissance: Research to regulation, Ron Shore & David Clements
Tracvey Tee started the “Moms On Mushrooms” platform to destigmatize the safe use of psychedelics.
welcome back, it’s been sometime since I’ve checked in with yall + I’m back with a new series, titled after my new content/ lifestyle page on IG: Ayana’s AY-list (ayanas_aylist). With that, in this first [More]
In partnership with Breakin’ Convention DOP: Ben Williams Director: Ibrah Silas Jackson Produced by: Jinko Joshu Music: 777 – Bruno Mars & Silk Sonic Movers: Tazo – Seungyong Sung Rocket – Kisu Kim Mario – [More]
Rubix of France’s Criminalz Crew performs a solo at Breakin’ Convention 2023 at Sadler’s Wells in London. Performer: Ruben “Rubix” Noel Song: Mother I Sober – Kendrick Lamar MORE from Breakin’ Convention and BCTV: SUBSCRIBE: [More]