In this video I livestream my experience of taking 3.5g of Magic Mushrooms or Psilocybin while being 18hrs fasted to document and display my experiences while under the influence. Let me know what you think [More]
This is the second video to my series, thanks for watching. Any tips/tricks/info is appreciated!
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The healing benefits I’ve experienced from marijuana, psilocybin, ayahuasca and other plant medicines, when used with pure intention to heal and to heighten intuition. ┈ ✧☽⁚☼⁚☾✧ ┈ Watch More: How to Connect with Marijuana in [More]
This is my opinion and reaction to Kilindi Iyi and his unusual practice of taking 30g+ of mushrooms to push the envelope of cognition and psychedelic experience. —————————————- Patreon ☯ Merch Store ☯ [More]
this video documents growing cubensis shrooms from the beginning all the way to the end supplies: -clear plastic bin(for the fruiting stage) -1/2 pint jars. make sure it doesnt have a shoulder so the cake [More]
(Inside Science) — There are about 10,000 known species of mushrooms in the world, and most scientists agree that there are many more that haven’t even been discovered. Given all those different types of mushrooms, [More]
Psilocybin mushrooms are gaining popularity with recent studies showing their safety and effectiveness for treating issues like depression, anxiety, cluster headaches and addiction. We discuss why they are my favorite visionary medicine to work with, [More]
panaleous and psilocybe both at same place at distance 2 m far from each other. So this is another proof that these magic are found every where just need hard dedication searcing it.