Building with Darren Le Baron & Moudou Baqui on peace, life, mycelium, & mushrooms! I am grateful to share space with these two powerful brothas & receive some of their knowledge & wisdom & be [More]
In this talk Darren Springer discusses the history and nature of mycology and permaculture, and gives an introductory workshop. Mushrooms have been used for millennia as both food and medicine by ancient cultures. In this [More]
Understanding #Psychedelics as #Technology A snippet from the #Anthropos Live Stream – ‘We Are #Nature’, a panel discussion about nature connectedness with Nikki Wyrd, Mercedes CA Grant, Darren Springer and Dr Sam Gandy. @anya.oleksiuk @nikkiwyrd [More]
Welcome to the Psychedelic Conversations podcast! Episode 10: Darren Le Baron (Springer) discovered psychedelics early in his teens however he wasn’t interested until in his 30’s simply because he was taught to “say no to [More]
Description from Darren Le Baron channel: Welcome to the Darren Le Baron channel where I’ll be sharing with you my organic technologies, or the tools I carry with me in my toolbox of life. [More]
Darren Springer is a teacher, researcher and event organizer based in London UK. He’s the Director of Ancient Future and curator at Soul & Sound. He is part of the Breaking Convention committee and The [More]
These days, psychedelics are being studied as tools of the future – ways for us to one day become healthier, happier and at peace. But where did psychedelics like magic mushrooms come from, and how [More]
I recently attended the psychedelic conference “Breaking Convention 2023” and it was an incredible experience. As someone who is passionate about the potential of psychedelic substances, I always enjoy to be in a space where [More]
Please support our work and enable us to continue to share these talks for free by donating at Psychedelic Ceremony & My Magical Things. In this presentation I’ll be in sharing thoughts, history, tips [More]
Breaking Convention is Europes biggest and most celebrated psychedelic conference, and this year I decided to attend after hearing positive things about it (Thanks Sam Gandy!) After day one of this event I thought I [More]