Vivek Ramaswamy Gets Booed At The Libertarian Party Convention In Washington, D.C.

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Vivek Ramaswamy received some boos during his remarks at the Libertarian Party Convention.

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@MagaNews911 says:

Keep on trying, the video is on U tube for the world to see. These communists are mad, people of all colors leaving the plantation.

@educationalramblings6826 says:

These guys will say anything to get votes …. What a snake

@marscrumbs says:

Libertarianism isn't lawlessness.

@The-Nightwatch says:

I lean more Libertarian and I agree with the Swami on this one.

@archstanton3430 says:

What's their beef with Vivek? I'm really asking because I don't know.

@problemsolverthinktank859 says:

The con jobs the trump campaign have been pulling are no longer working.

@damarauder says:

Libertarians are too damn impractical

@bkit5 says:

He got cheers in the end. They booed for Trump alliance.

@paulmccartney1982 says:

this was funny bro

@bkit5 says:

They are not conservatives. They believe in tiny government and unlimited freedoms.

@D4Shahda says:

This guys got progressivly worse since he started glazing trump to garner conservitive support

@Leif-yv5ql says:

Good. Ramaswamy is a Trumplican shill.

@LadyElizondo says:

Vivek Ramaswamy really needs to stay gone.

@hawsrulebegin7768 says:

Trumps desperate to get help from Libertarians. Why? Because hes very worried. It’s backfired on him beautifully.

@kaveman_realh9224 says:

Booing Vivek and Trump? I think I might join the Libertarian Party…

@jamesrideout123 says:

God Bless Vivek

@coreyspears8568 says:

libertarian nationalist alliance – GFYS

@aurelius903 says:

Who is the libertarians Front Runner for the 2024 election?

Huh? Hello? Anyone?

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