Trump Gets MERCILESSLY BOOED at Speech

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MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on Donald Trump getting booed at the Libertarian Convention in Washington DC.

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@cryptojunky6951 says:

Misleading… watch the full video… don't be brainwashed

@jmartbm89 says:

Yeah, don't allow the worst president in our history (Trump,) to come back and do the final destruction of our country.

@zed332l says:

What did you expect at a Libertarian, But President Trump had the BALLS to go ,….What about Joe?

@momsher1 says:

I have never in my life despised someone as much as I do Trump! Now he tries to buy their vote by promising to put a Libertarian in office – LMAO – what a con man liar!

@Vpzoe says:

So Libertarians are the only ones with the balls to stand up to T-Rump and his cult. Might have to join them!

@davidnewland2556 says:

how many you tube ads use the same dialogue, how many college students are taking tests in poorly temperature controlled rooms, why is these miracle devices sell out are the companies run by morons?, is every you tube ad a poorly disguised scam.

@JBisaPEDO says:

Wow, big surprise. The real story is that there were people there that agreed with him. Kick out the traitor, bring back TRUMP!

@annapringle6497 says:

No but you Donald J. Trump do destroy or try to destroy their lives or make life enbarriable and thats no way to treat another human being.

@user-rf2pq3fm3n says:

Trump is unfit to rule anything. He is unstable and having signs of dementia. Hes one sick ,crooked being.

@Moffakjelleman says:

Trump 2024❤

@mitch8020 says:

Yeah. Libertarians hate everyone and he knew it and still did it, because it was important to try to bring people together and not constantly see division like you idiots always do

@ramontancredi1834 says:

Hahahaha he was bold for doing a speech with these whack jobs in DC. TRUMP 2024 MAGA

@leczorn says:

How often does a presidential candidate have the courage to visit an opposing party? President Trump should be applauded for addressing the Libertarians and trying to find common ground with them. Sure, there were some boos. You don’t expect that everyone in your own party is going to like everything you say, let alone everyone in an opposing party.

But he got some cheers also. Many Libertarians don’t like Trump, but Libertarians are generally deep thinkers and not likely to suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome – the irrational belief that everything Trump has ever done is bad simply because Trump was the one who did it.

Even if the crowd on average agreed with 20% of what he said – for example, free speech, civil liberties, and pardoning certain people – that’s better than nothing. By uniting on issues such as those, we can still accomplish a lot.

And finally, as he said, it’s important that they unite in defeating the horrible Biden administration.

@themanuplet says:

I love trump! That man has some serious balls

@batmandalorian5504 says:

what charisma! he sure does know how to work a crowd lol

@GOPSlayer says:

As much as I despise Trump, he showed up and took the verbal @$$-whoopin. I have to him SOME credit because it's the principle.

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