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While speaking Saturday night at the Libertarian National Convention, former president Donald Trump promised attendees that he would appoint a Libertarian to a senior position within his cabinet should he win the 2024 presidential election. Trump is attempting to court a crowd that has often been skeptical of him, while trying to dissuade them of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Libertarians will pick their White House nominee on Sunday as the convention wraps.

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@grapicusdrinktus says:

As a libertarian, I'm getting pretty tired of Libertarians not even bothering to play seriously. They shoulda gone with Austin Peterson in 2016 and I didn't even bother looking at what they did in 2020. In 2022 they locked down their elections because the Mises Caucus was winning. Trump's giving them the best offer they could ever hope for hopping up on that stage knowing he'll get chastised, and they're gonna squander it. This will go down in the history books.

@belson65 says:

Despised by all people outside the uneducated maga cult. Fact.

@Claire_8 says:


@Prfdt3 says:

President Trump is right to have a diverse cabinet.he will need input from all loyal americans.

@mustangecoboosthpp3869 says:

Libertarians are not the brightest bulbs in the past, they rank right down there with Democrats.

@JB-lp9xr says:

Republicans now want to ban birth control. No Libertarian that I know wants 15 kids.

@Claire_8 says:


@bobcain141 says:

We need Trump

@TheTerrainWizard says:

He says Libba-tarian, you spelled it incorrectly.

@bailatwerski2951 says:

I support President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party

@noneyabizz8337 says:

Gotta remember, Bill Maher claims to be libertarian.

People are stupid.

@myduyennguyen8596 says:

No Trump for me ..I don't believe in Trump

@viralmix8207 says:

what he did takes a lot of guts…i really salute the guy! going into an unfriendly territory and delivering a poingnant message amongst boos and heckles "vote for me and win, or get your usual 3-4% and lose". Props to him

@terrencekane8203 says:

All that booing was music to my ears.

@ghostJC1126 says:

I'm curious, are most libertarians leaning left or right?

@anchorsaweigh9893 says:

He is not wrong. If he converts 1/3 of the Libertarian vote he wins the presidency in 2020…..

@astraluna6is9 says:

That’s all he said he’s gonna do for libertarians is pardon someone? And they cheered him for that?
Seriously, you guys missed your chance to throw a chair at him. Now that news would have had his base think again. Up until now, he’s been getting nothing but cheers. Good work everybody. LET’IM cheering on last night for a spell.

@user-lm5ms6gu7h says:

Damn right FJB I will be voting for you Mr president

@Oneness298 says:

He is SO full of himself. His supporters are an embarrassment to the country.

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